A Cow Before Christmas: A Mooo-ving Poem

Was the night before Christmas & all through the sims

All the avies were sleeping the lagging was dim.

All except Christmas Cow who couldn’t sleep a wink.

Who hooted & holler’d & raised quite a stink.

He chewed on the curtains & even the rugs

NOOO! Not The Christmas Curtain!!!

When Christmas Cow scratched we thought he had bugs.

So we tried some warm cud & even a story

but Christmas Cow moo’d in all his great glory.

It wasn’t till he heard the jingle of bells

and the voice of Santa yelling “Who’s raising hell?”.

Santa explained to our misbehaved cow

That Christmas wasn’t about causing a mess or getting presents right now.

Wait Till Christmas Day Lil’ Cow!

Christmas was time to be with your family & friends

To make others happy & make huge amends.

So Christmas Cow learned on that faithful eve night

Christmas wasn’t about putting up a fight.

He learned how to share & how to love

Without resorting to wearing hoof boxing gloves.

So Merry Christmas Eve to everyone one of  you

It’s a night full of miracles that sometimes come true.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

(Let’s just hope one little Christmas Cow will remember what he learned & use it all year round.)


3 responses

  1. Great poem! Cows rule.

  2. […] “Mr. C” during the rest of the year. I’m so happy that Mr. C. Cow can now go by Christmas Cow! (Also don’t forget to check out the contest Mr. C. Cow does for the TOT […]

  3. […] Great Tree Steve works. Silly cow. It’s magic & stuff! (If you want you can check out the Christmas Eve Poem I wrote about Mr. C. Cow last […]

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