Dear Clubs With NO Scripting

Stop it. Just stop it already.

I don’t understand a club that has dancing but doesn’t allow scripting. I’ve spent a lot of time & money to buy my own dances & put them in a hud so they are nice & organized. I cannot use my dance hud because your no scripting choice won’t allow me to. Why do you want to take this away from me. Do you hate people who do this that much?

Why? Whhhhyyyyyyyyy?

Clubs sometimes feel the need to add an extra layer of protection against griefers. No build. No push. Various gadgets & waznots & dohickies to prevent issues with people who are only there to cause issues. I really do feel your pain & understand your need to protect what is yours. With that said I feel that some clubs go too far with their fight. Using gadgets that they don’t need or cause more harm than good. Turning off scripting is nothing but annoying. I can’t use my dances while in your club & am being forced to use your dance ball. This does not go over well with me. I don’t want to use your dances. It takes away from my individuality by forcing me to do the same thing as everyone else. It also, like I said before, wasted my time & money that was used for my own dances. You’re punishing me & everyone else who behaves over a handful of idiots.

If I find out I can’t use my own dances in your club I am gone. I will never again visit your establishment.

Please think about why you feel you need to do this before you decide to punish us all.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


2 responses

  1. Bah, 4get the no-scripters. How can I tell them to get with the technology?

    1. LOL! People want to use things to make sure that they don’t get people griefing their clubs/land. The thing is that when they turn off scripting it causes others to not be able to use any scripts, like dance huds. I can understand the need for protection BUT to punish everyone else by turning off scripting or putting out “land protection” that ultimately ends up hurting others is bad.

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