SLA New Years Awards

Happy new year to everyone from the SLA Review!

I’ve tried to start the new year out right with a good breakfast but I think I picked the wrong diner to try out.

Did A Rat Just Serve Me A Pancake?

Today is the day we spend looking back on 2011 & coming up with things we want to change in 2012.  We remember the good, the bad, the…umm…prim-y. I would like to pass out a few SLA Review awards to the following good (& some REALLY bad. OK. A Lot of bad.)

Biggest Failure In Fashion

I would like to give a fashion failure award to the droopy, melty face, putty models of Second Life. This could possibly be one of the WORST fashion trends I have seen in a long time. When combined with GIGANTIC lips, crack whore body shapes, & sloppy disasters in clothing it is absolutely horrible. This takes king of the mountain hands down.

Runner Up: Baggy jeans with overly large thighs that hang off your ass while the crotch hangs to your knees. (Just read some of the fashion blogs if you don’t know what I am talking about with either one of these. Trust me. You can’t miss it.)

Biggest Love/Hate Affair When It Comes To Building

Mesh. This one was easy to pick. Mesh has been discussed for quite a while. It’s been analyzed. Picked apart. Praised & hated. It’s seen beautiful & horrible things created by various designers/builders. It’s been a hot topic of blog & news posts. I think someone may have even come up with an interpretive dance celebrating mesh. (OK. Not really.)

Runner Up: Umm…We can make prims bigger. Yeah…that works.

Good Idea/Poor Execution

I would love to give this award to Premium Gifts. Premium gifts sound like an excellent idea on paper. It sounds like a good idea but I think people would appreciate something a little more. Like, oh let me think, more than 300L a week. We start getting our premium gifts in September. Oh..a living room set…how..nice. It’s actually a pretty nice living room set. (Though I still think it ends up taking away from other businesses who make the same items). Then, for a few months, we get no gifts. If you have a premium gift idea why not give something every month? Come December we are given a sail boat & landmarks for places to use it. Landmarks? A sailboat? What..the fuck? A sailboat? You have got to be shitting me.

Runner Up: I give the runner-up award to the whole changing of avatar profiles. You can make comments on your profile as well as other people’s profiles. Very moving up the social network ladder. Thing is that most viewers (Other then the official viewer) don’t have this on there. So it’s basically…oh whats the word…worthless.

Most Annoying Virtual Pet On The Grid:

This was an extremely close call this year. There were two pets that were both amazingly overly talked about & L$ hungry. After much thought I would like to give the award to  Meeroo Pets. Expensive. Time consuming. Grid invading. They end up with this years award do to the whole freaking panic people had over Meeroo-gate (The starving of the virtual animal). Are people actually still into these things?

Runner Up: KittyCatS. This one was a no brainer. They are freaking EVERYWHERE!!! They are stuck into blog posts discussing fashion, furniture, etc. If there is a picture to be taken there is a cat ready to pop up somewhere in the frame. It’s virtual insanity at the massive amounts of cats you can run into. Stores with cats running around. Clothing peddlers with a breeding farm in the back. Insanity! The only reason they didn’t get first is because the Meeroo had the great starving episode. Gotta give props for a virtual pet food famine.

Biggest Grid Panic:

I can sum this up in one word. Redzone. Redzone was used by NUMEROUS sims/stores/events as a way to “stop griefing, block problem users from their land, copybots, etc. Instead of really being about stopping abuse it ended up being a tool of abuse itself. (Gathering IP addresses of users without consent.) This fostered something called “Greenzone” which was to combat Redzone. Let’s just say that had to be one of the biggest panic/messes that 2011 saw when it came to virtual citizen rights.

Runner Up: Second Life is failing. I put this one on here because, every year, there are always people who start waving signs saying “Second Life is closing/being sold/burning down to the ground.” This is an every year/all year-long cry of panic. Nothing new to see here.

OK. Those were all pretty bad things. I really need to come up with some good stuff. If there isn’t at least a few good things then why would be here? Right? RIGHT?

1. Friendliest Group Of Individuals On Second Life: I give the tiny community of Second Life major props for their kindness & fun attitude. I’ve played prim charades, had a light saber fight, went to a fair, saw MANY concerts, & generally have had a blast all year long within the tiny community.

2. Best Nerdgasm: The Doctor Who Exposition (HERE is the slurl) takes the cake in my book. Being a HUGE Doctor Who fan I cannot help but go “Eeee” when I see a Dalek. They have been around for a LONG time but I’ve been their mulitple times this year when showing new residents of Second Life around.

3. Weirdest Experience: I travel my way through G areas all the way to the worst Adult areas on the grid to write about absolutely anything. For some reason this year I have accidentally walked up to an adult virtual porn movie being shot. Twice that I can think of just this year. I think I have some sort of weird knack for wrong place/wrong time. Have never ruined a shot by teleporting in. No one was upset. At least I have that going for me.

There is so much I could sum up about an entire year of living on the grid. What memories, good & bad, do you take away from 2011?

“Tipsy” Cerulean

I’m starting to get a little scared that this diner was in the wrong area of town.

Hello? Operator? I Need A Taxi! NOW!

 (Check Out The 2010 winners.)


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