A Trip To The Bakery

This week I wanted to write a nice article about a nice place in a nice way. Wow! I just used the word “nice” three times in one sentence. Contrary to popular, & unpopular, belief I’m not that mean of a person. I love animals. I hug trees. Heck I don’t even eat meat. So I sometimes write mean things but that’s beside the point. This week I wanted to write something nice about a place on Second Life.

The Sweethearts Cafe & Bakery (G) has had a presence on Second Life for quiet some time. It is really nice to see a business stick around for a while against all virtual odds. Add the fact that they are a “family friendly” location & it stands out from the more. I had the fun of wandering around this small little prim bakery with someone who was sitting to me in real life checking it out. They were impressed with their manipulation of prims to make something that looks so delicious. What majorly impressed them was the kids table. This cracked me up as they had my avatar coloring, taking a nap, & resting my feet on the table. All of which was done while watching “Alice In Wonderland” on their large television.

I Color Perdy Like.

I was able to break away for a few minutes of their coloring fun to actually check out the tables that allowed me to pick what foods & drink I wanted to partake in. I had to draw the line when they wanted me to check out the booster seats they provide for wee little avatars.

Mmm Primy!

Sweethearts prices are very low which I can appreciate. Especially when buying a home accessory like food. They may be a small place but they are worth a moment of your time to check out.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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