Beyond Second Life: Dealing With Depression

Sometimes the world really makes you feel like there is no hope. I am not talking about the usual “Oh the economy is down.” or “My car overheats so bad it looks like it’s melting.”. I am talking about a despair you cannot get rid of.

Sometimes It Can Be Overwhelming.

I am talking the dreary idea of facing another few months of cold bleak weather. The type where the sun says “See ya!” & decides to not come out for days. Where you are faced with the idea of having to stare at the dead trees that surround you as you barely are able to drag yourself out of bed to go through the motions of daily life.

You are not alone.

To make things even worse there are people in our virtual world (Let’s get the “GASP! NO WAY!” out-of-the-way right now & get serious.) that like to prey upon those who are depressed, feeling blue, or are looking for someone to lift them out of the funk & take charge of their lives for them. I’ve seen countless people become involved with these individuals who take over every aspect of anothers life, both in & out of world, by pretending to actually care. While there are people who are truly unique & special in the sense that they do really help others there are an amazing numbers of others who are only here to abuse others. Just because you are escaping to a virtual world doesn’t mean that everyone is who they say they are.

You are not alone.

Sometimes Others Try To Prey Upon You.

I am lucky that @stbishop has been in my real life for YEARS before Second Life even came along. Others are not so lucky. Maybe they have met someone in a virtual world who has been horrible to them. Maybe their real life isn’t so hot.

You are not alone.

You’re depressed & the person who you have trusted to help you live your life better turns out to be the one person who will make your life a living hell. Maybe you have no one to share your problems with & seek guidance.  What do you do? Do you scream & shout? If it makes you feel better but it doesn’t solve your problems. You need to talk to someone who you can really trust that has your best interest at heart. Just because you are in a virtual world doesn’t mean that there are not groups out there that can help with any problem you may have.

I wanted to get serious for once & talk about depression & virtual abuse as well as where you can go to get help. I have seen this happen too many times to not take the time to point out places you can go & people you can talk to.

I do want to point out that, being a virtual world, it is hard to sometimes check people to see if they are who they say they are. Make your own judgement when visiting any of these places, read all of their information, & see if they can help or are who you need.

NewWays Counseling & Support (SLurl) – Free of charge counselling every Tuesday 10.30 am – 1.30 pm SL time.
Non-judgemental & confidential. Pick up a notecard when you land to read about what they have to offer.

Sanctuary Of Hope & Recovery (SLurl) – Resource center containing free information to help point you in the right direction to get the help you need depending on your problem. They also offer a list of counselors within Second Life.

If you need help then it is up to you to be brave & seek it out. Only then will things start to feel better for you.

I know you can do it.

Cerulean Capalini

If you run a group that helps others cope with depression or other issues please feel feel to let me know so I can mention you here as well. Thank you!

Here are a few Real Life websites to check out if you are in need of help.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

RAINN (Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network)

Stop Bullying


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