Club Guide #9

Magic number…Ummm…nine. Yeah. That sounds good.

This week I’ve hit up three different clubs, all of which happen to be randomly adult, to see who impressed & who dived into the shallow end of the disaster pool head first. One I was very impressed with while another was just another club in a long line of places to visit. I am extremely mean this week to one in particular because, gah, it was just plain bad.


Tantric Waves (A)

When I teleported in I found myself far away from anything resembling a club. A pain in the ass but at least this was a situation where I could figure out where I should probably be. (Maps with little people bloops can be your friend.) On my long hike to clubdom I did pass a girl who happened to be on all fours on a leash. This is a bdsm club so it doesn’t come as any surprise to see anyone doing a lot of things. Shockingly enough, you may GASP, I absolutely embrace the lifestyle. If that’s what you want then rock on with your big bad self. As long as no one tries to get all “Master” on me then we are good ( I might kick you in the balls. Tipsy don’t take no orders.).

When I visited the club it was located in a log cabin. This could be a seasonal thing since it is winter time. I am not sure if it is or not. I stood around staring at a stripper who seemed to be asleep for at least five minutes when I realized that I was actually a few minutes early to their event. I give a free pass to the club because I did show up kinda early. When the party did start rolling she was both engaging & friendly. Something you need to be when you are in the adult industry in Second Life. I must mention that she was engaging & friendly at the beginning. That’s where it ended as all conversations hit a complete standstill. Silence of chit chat surrounded me. How…boring..

They do get bonus points for having a song playing that I actually liked when I first go there. It’s the little things sometimes.

I think that I may have pissed off one of those titler people. You know the people I am talking about. They are the people who wear the words above the head that on occasion yell out that you can give them a new title. I seem to have a sense of humor that pisses people off. I don’t think they were amused with my “Gas Grass Or Ass” title. I thought it was pretty funny. If you don’t like the titles people give you then why are you wearing one?

While the outside was an absolute pain to walk through the clubs inside was pretty. I did stick around for a bit because I did show up a few minutes early before the event did start. It was the nice thing to do.

Sensual Allure (A)

Oh God. Can the decorations in your club get any more hokie? It’s pretty tacky. To add to the tacky, I am assuming this is what you were going for, I am stuck right in the middle of a mall. I shouldn’t say the middle as much as a corner. I am completely surrounded by nothing but shit asking me to buy. SPEND YOU MONEY TIPSY! thank you. I’m good.

It took an INSANE amount of time for anyone to say hi to me. I am not just saying that. I made a drink, talked to @stbishop, cammed around the mall, text messaged a few people, tweeted…HOLY SHIT…my list goes on. I am sorry but Tipsy bitch is back (the holidays didn’t break my spirit damn it).

No one is doing any talking in this bar but they have a trivia ball that keeps rollin’ along. I absolutely LOVE trivia. In real life I play the HELL out of it in bars. I appreciate trivia in Second Life. When there is no conversation except bitches, yes I said bitches, trying to get $L from playing trivia, you can eat my big toe. That’s no party. That’s trivia drones working it for $L.

I am really not in the mood to stand here staring at the tacky shopping world you’ve created. Design something that doesn’t suck & LOOKS LIKE EVERY OTHER FUCKING PLACE ON SECOND LIFE. Maybe I’ll be in the mood then. For fucks sake people. No wonder there is the constant “Second Life is dying” talk roaming around. You, and others like you, cause it.

The Bad Monkey (A)

WOW! I teleported in & there is no shopping to be had. I don’t see it anywhere around me.

NO SHOPPING????!?!?!?!? NO WAY!!

What I do see is a beautifully put together beach club that impresses me. I mean it really does impress me. I was greeted by a slew of people who were very friendly. The conversations went beyond the usual hello & how are you. I dig it.

It is worth taking a stroll around the club area as there is more than just a small dance floor. Beach volleyball, lounging areas, a bar, swimming, & a campfire are just some of the items you will find tastefully placed around the small island. I do have to give a shout out to the RLV masters rack that I found behind a waterfall. It was just kinda hanging out randomly. Cracked me the hell up.

Umm....Thanks For Warning Me There Mr. Sign.

I give them a super martini for not sucking.

Have fun club hopping this weekend!

“Tipsy” Cerulean 

Tipsy’s Tip Of The Day: Don’t stick your club in the middle of a mall surrounded by things to buy. That’s not a club. That’s tacky. It insults our intelligence for you to think that everyone is stupid enough to want to hang out & buy stuff while dancing.


2 responses

  1. Sweet, where do I go to see some boobies? Buwahahaaaaaa 😉

    1. ROFLMAO! Well…you have to get a SL account THEN I can give you the “Where are the boobies?” review notecard. LOL!

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