(G)ee This Is Swell!

I was wandering around Second Life looking for a place to write about & take really pretty pictures. I started out by just searching through “Parks & Nature” in the Second Life search. Where I ended up actually surprised me. The place is called Chelsea’s Childrens Clothing (G) CCC for short. I do not have a child avatar on Second Life. It’s not my thing. Nor do I have a child or family on Second Life. We can all probably safely say that it just wouldn’t work out for me to do the whole SL family thing (I would rock as a weird Aunt if anyone is interested. HAHA!)

I’m not knocking SL families in any way. I think it’s pretty neat how people build up families in a virtual world & find a special kind of bonding love that a lot of people wish they had in real life. It’s just not my thing. More power to you!

Anyways…back to my story…

So I ended up landing in the family park area of CCC which is small but amazingly well put together. After accepting the windlight settings for the area (I totally forgot to write down what they were. My bad.) I was amazed at how brightly decorated & well designed it actually was. Like their notecard, which I received while wandering around, it actually feels like a nice spring day where you just have to picnic. It’s great for couples, families, or just you to sit around & role play a beautiful day by the lake. You can grab a group of friends for a BBQ or maybe sit on the dock & feed the ducks. If you get bored from all of the lounging there is mini golf (free) for you to enjoy.


Amazed by the fact that I had stumbled into a G rated family area put together by a store & was enjoying the way the place was presented I started to wander around a bit. Over a small bridge I found myself inside of a small shopping village. This pretty pastel shopping area wasn’t filled with stores just trying to sell me stuff (For that I am grateful as I don’t have a need to buy anything family/child related nor do I enjoy constantly ending up in a mall). I wandered into one shop called “Miss. Priss Beauty Salon”. It’s exactly how it sounds. A salon for families/individuals/children to come in & role play a day of beauty. You can set up an appointment for someone to come in & take care of your virtual needs. I have to admit that is a pretty awesome deal. Think of how much fun it would be to grab a couple of your girl friends & get haircuts/nails done together. You could role play beauty salon gossip. It would be a completely different kind of fun rather than club hopping or just plain shopping. I might have to find a few people who want to check out the experience with me.

After checking out the salon I wandered next door for an ice cream cone. How can you resist ice cream with no calories? You just can’t do it!

Tipsy Happy Over Virtual Ice Cream

There is just so much to do on this sim. A PG movie theater, bowling alley/arcade/diner housed in one nice building, a princess carnival (as well as the store itself).  It is well worth wandering around to see what all they have to offer. Sometimes a place that is built by a store can actually give you more than just shopping. Especially if you don’t plan on doing any. It’s rare but when you find it it’s a pretty good thing.

You Want Something?

I, amazingly enough, enjoyed wandering around. Some days a random teleport someplace you didn’t think you would enjoy might actually surprise you.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

CCC at Butterfly Kisses is a PG sim. This means, & the rules are also stated in a note card on the sim, that you must act, dress, & speak (via text or voice) PG at all times. No nudity or partial nudity. No weapons. No cussing. No harassment or griefing. 

There is more to do then just shop, which I did none of being as I have no need for anything of the sort (BUT I did leave a tip do to the fact that I did use a hair dryer, hang in a diner, eat ice cream, & relax in the park). I recommend checking out this pastel G area (just be sure to follow the rules people) because it is a nice clean break from the ho hum of Second Life. Be sure to take a friend as it’s always more fun with more than just one. 

To have your hair/nails done at the salon by appointment it does cost. The prices, according to a sign in the shop, are 200L for each. It is a role-playing salon so if you actually want new hair or nails the price of the items will be added to your bill. 

The diner is self-serve or full RP dining. The notecard informed me that there was full RP dining but I did not see any prices in the diner for this service. You may have to contact someone for more information if you are interested. 

Resting From All That Walking






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