An Actual GOOD Club Review

Tipsy actually wrote something nice about a club? Wha? Did the virtual worlds just explode into a ball of prim fire? Did she drink a martini laced with anti-bitch medication? Is she dying from some sort of weird mesh disease?

DON’T PANIC! We are all going to be OK!

It takes a lot to actually get me to write an article about just one club. Usually I just do a club guide on various clubs every Friday to get the party started. It’s not that I am averse to writing about individual club reviews.  The problem is that most clubs I review…suck. There I said it. They suck. For the handful of clubs that don’t suck there are dozens upon dozens that do.

This week I am giving an individual review to a new club named Starsmacked (M) because they just plain don’t suck.

The reason I ended up at Starsmacked is the event they had listed. It was a grand opening that claimed you could dance in “Zero Gravity”. Hmm…Zero gravity eh? I have not seen a club use a lack of gravity to get me to show up. This piqued my interest to the point where I felt I had to go check it out.  Who can resist drinking a martini while floating around in a club?

When I first teleported in I was on a beach. I’ve been to many clubs via the events list where I’ve ended up someplace that is nowhere near the club. This is not the case. Clearly marked on a HUGE sign in front of me is a teleport to the club itself.  (SLurl I have provided is for the dance floor itself. You know me. I like making it simple for everyone.)

When I arrived on the dance floor I was instantly greeted. I wasn’t just greeted & ignored. I was actually talked to. Because these people were so friendly & talkative I ended up spending quite a lot of time there dancing, chatting, & just plain having fun. Weird! Tipsy actually sticking around for more than a few minutes? I did because they made it worth my time.

As for the zero gravity, yes, it does exist. I sat on something that said “zero gravity” & floated around for a while. You can steer yourself around as you float. Something I should have thought about before drinking a LOT of cocktails. Running into things seemed to be my theme.

Tipsy’s Public SLervice Announcement: Friends don’t let friends drink & float. (The more you knoooowwww….)

I recommend trying it out just remember to wear pants if you decide to float around. Hadn’t thought about what I was wearing so I ended up floating around in a dress. Planning before floating people. Very important.

One of the BIGGEST things that impressed me, besides the friendly people, was the fact that there was NO SHOPPING! None! No shopping surrounding the dance floor in any way. This is a big thing to me. I’m here to dance/meet people. I am not here to buy stuff. One of my biggest club turn offs is clubs in malls. Starsmacked  is not in a mall.  Instead of advertisements I am surrounded by decor that fits perfectly into the star/space/zero gravity/fun theme. I raise my martini in toast over a job well done to everyone involved in the design of this club. Keep up the good work!

Can You Name The Movies These Objects Appeared In?

I may have actually found a place that I will find myself hanging out at frequently. Thank you for finally giving this seasoned Second Life bitch something to smile at.

Just don’t change.

“Tipsy” Cerulean



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  1. Great write up, love the little sayings. I’ll have to check that club out.

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