Exodus Of The Bored

I was reading various Second Life blogs this morning when I noticed a trend going on today. Three different bloggers were discussing how damn bored they currently are on Second Life. One mentioned that their significant other barely even went on anymore. This makes me sad that people, some who have been on for a while, are getting bored with our great virtual world. It makes me sad but I can completely understand where they are coming from.

For some the new feeling of a virtual world has finally worn out. Others have watched friends disappear, not come back, or drift away. It makes for a very boring grid existence. Some days I feel that I wouldn’t log in as often if I didn’t have a purpose in my prim life. Writing keeps me going on. If I didn’t have The SLA Review I too would become bored quickly. You have to admit that’s a sad thing.

As for the significant other not coming on as often I have been going through that for quite some time. St. Bishop no longer logs into the grid due to a combination of boredom & lack of a computer that will run Second Life. This makes me wish that someone would come up with an iPad application that involves the full grid so that he could at least log in on occasion to keep me company. His laptop will no longer run it nor will my old computer. Alas, until someone comes up with items for the iPad, I doubt he will be back till I can actually get a new computer (Something I would HATE to do just to run Second Life.)  Hanging out alone at your prim home gets really boring after a while.

Club hoping gets tedious when you run into the same cookie cutter places every time you land. Just shopping is both expensive after a while & should not be the only thing that keeps people on. I have a few recommendations to help keep things fresh & keep boredom at bay.

1. Explore! – There are so many different exciting places that are hidden around the grid. You just have to find them. Pick a keyword & go with it. You never know what you’ll find.

2. Get Involved! – Get involved with a group with similar interests. Role play something you love. Go to discussions involving topics you enjoy. Get involved & it will help you find purpose.

3. It’s All Up To You! – You can either create fun or you can create boredom. It’s up to you to figure out what you want & go for it.

I do want to mention the huge amount of stores that have been around for quite some time that are packing up & leaving. I have, so far, counted five that are closing. This is just ones that I’ve seen in the past two days.  Many are not due to sales as much as it is lack of time do to real life obligations. I wanted to take a second to wish them all the very best. Hopefully, for some, you will find the time in the future to come back.

Cries Into The Technicolor River Of Sadness

Hair: Hearts Softening (Closing: January 25th) Natu (Black) 39L

Dress: Ancayi (Closing: January 31st) Polka Dot Dress 55L

Pose: Olive Juice (Closing: February 19th) Used A Pose From The “Dramatic Goodbye To FLF pack 25L

I hope that someone at LL is reading & listening to these people who are leaving do to boredom, real life obligations, or are just closing shop. Maybe, instead of just catering to attracting new avatars, you can also do something to keep the ones you already have.

“Tipsy” Cerulean (Who’s Not Going Anywhere!)


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