The Second Life Drinking Game

After coming up with The Profile Drinking Game I decided that Second Life really needed a decent drinking game to go with logging in. I’ve played my version before but have never actually written it down for everyone to see.

Disclaimer: I have to do it. Drink responsibly people. OK. I’m done.


The Second Life Drinking Game

Let Tipsy Sing You A Song Of Virtual Drinking LA LA LA

You can follow some or all of these to make for a fun night of drinking & wandering Second Life. I made the key words in each BOLD to help with easy referencing while playing.

When someone mentions LAG take a DRINK

If you try to teleport to a destination & you don’t end up where you intended (Won’t let you teleport, you end up at an info hub) take a SHOT

If you crash & have to restart any Second Life viewer then DRINK FROM THE BOTTLE (You deserve it.)

If you are at a club & someone uses a gesture that says “WOOOOOOOOOOOO”  or your screen becomes cluttered with gestures take a DRINK

If you are at a club & someone tells the DJOMG This is my FAVORITE SONG!!” or something to that effect take a SHOT (This could prove to be hurtful if you follow this one.)

While wandering a G area you happen to run into people who are either half-naked OR slave/master who are completely decked out in gear with the slave kneeling. DRINK FROM THE BOTTLE (Then just walk away man…walk away…)

While at someones home you are stuck watching them move furniture around for at least a  half an hour TAKE A SHOT then RESIST THE URGE TO VIRTUAL PUNCH THEM.

Random IM while in a store/park/etc. that involves the words “want to have sex” take a SHOT. If it involves randomly getting hit on then just take a DRINK.

Random breedable pet in a setting where they don’t fit in (Sex club, clothing store, museum…you get the picture) TAKE A DRINK then RESIST THE URGE TO PUNT THE ANIMAL.

Anytime anyone asks you to go shopping with them TAKE A SHO…NO A DRINK…Wait a minute. This happens all the time. If you actually cave in and go TAKE A DRINK. If you say “No thank you” & don’t cave then TAKE A SHOT & give yourself a pat on the virtual back. Good job fellow avie. Good job.

You can always add to this list. I am constantly adding to it every time I play.

Have fun!

“Tipsy” Cerulean


3 responses

  1. LOL! Love this post! Fun game idea!

    1. I thought it was high time I shared! LOL!

  2. […] writing The Profile Drinking Game, The Second Life Drinking Game, & watching my team win to go to the Superbowl this weekend my liver needed a […]

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