Walk In The Dark

Between writing The Profile Drinking Game, The Second Life Drinking Game, & watching my team win to go to the Superbowl this weekend my liver needed a vacation.

OK. There really is no vacation for my liver. I’ll just go with “I wanted to see a pretty place to take pictures on Second Life while telling my liver it’s going to be alright.”

Yeah. That works.

To give myself a break I decided to take some really pretty pictures at a place called “Dark Moon“.  I recommend checking them out as there is a variety of things to see & do as well as click on for information on mythical education.

The Badgers Are Friendly. I Hope!

When you first teleport in please be sure to pick up a notecard. It will explain the rules (Private voice chatting only, no loud gestures, etc.) as well as things to check out during your visit. I read, checked out the mystical cave, & studied a pack of wolves during my visit. (Lucky for me they weren’t hungry).

Best way to view the land is to use their recommended windlight settings. (If you don’t have it automatically appear or get no pop up asking if you want to allow the windlight settings they use “Under A Yellow Moon”.)

I Hope This Doesn't Affect My Allergies.

What impresses me the most isn’t just the fact that the place is gorgeous & there is no shopping (NO SHOPPING!!!)  but the rules that they have set in place. No overt public sex, restriction of loud gestures, no leashes/collars/gorean rp, private voice chat. They are trying to do their best to keep it a serene & reflective area. Highly recommend coming with a date as there is dancing in various areas as well as romantic spots that go with the romantic setting.

I think this has given my liver enough of a break. Time for a cocktail.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

*There is a warning for Dark Moon. Do not go to the western mountain as security will send you home. It is their private residence so please be respectful.*


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