Club Review #11

Usually all club reviews come out on Friday. I don’t have to get up early on Friday so I see it as a special three-day weekend for me. Also…what the hell people…lets pre-party before the weekend even gets here.

This weeks club reviews are full of frustration & mediocrity. Read on my brave pioneers of Second Life clubbing.

The Butterfly Effect Club & Shopping Mall (Of Course) (M)

There are butterflies everywhere. Butterfly poofers. Butterfly decorations. Butterflies flying all over the fucking place. It’s like some sort of strange b movie attack in the middle of a mall.


I was greeted as soon as I walked onto the dance floor. I was also instantly asked if I wanted to join their group. I don’t take random group invites. Especially from places I have been at all of a few seconds. Let me finish rezzing in & actually look at your place. Then I’ll decide if I actually want to add my name to your group.

It is a shame that a cool concept of a club revolving around butterfly decor would be stuck smack dab in the middle of a mall. Butterflies need open spaces. Gardens. Trees. They don’t need to be floating around a shopping area taking up space. Good idea poor execution.

There were a lot of stores that were empty. If you needed a small place to peddle your wares then there’s your chance.



Hotlanta Blues (M)

The teleport to this club lands you directly outside of its front doors. Nice since I am not forced to walk through a shopping district to actually figure out where you are. It’s a typical warehouse club with typical blues or blues related decorations. The type of things that you will find in various other clubs in Second Life.

I was instantly greeted upon entering the door. There was small chit-chat but nothing major going on for me. The employees of the club were trying to get people riled up & talkative by speaking & with gestures. Yes..the dreaded gestures. I am happy that they were at least trying to get conversations started.

I must mention that the place was absolutely PACKED. Hardcore packed. Wall to wall dancing people everywhere. For all of its faults (typical decorations that don’t make it stand out) it’s nice to at least see a large group of people in once spot not complaining about lag but just dancing. Listening to music & dancing.



Do a lot of club employees/owners/DJs use gestures as a way to fill the conversation void. Or to try to pump the crowd up?

Duh..answer is YES. We really need to find a new way to get people excited to be someplace. Get conversations started. Help people to have fun. “Woooooo” or the likes when it comes to gestures just isn’t cutting it. It’s not needed. Be creative.

Usually, at this point in time, I throw in some great picture related to the club reviews. Well..I can’t. Second Life is being a total BITCH right now. I can’t teleport anywhere to take a picture. Nor can I attach anything onto myself. (I currently have no hair or shoes. Sexy isn’t it baby.) When I write I write. I am in the writing zone. Then I go back & take a picture of something I thought was interested when it isn’t so crowded. One thing at a time. So,for your enjoyment,here is me sticking my tongue out.

Nah Nah!

“Nah Nah” indeed.


Good luck on your club hopping this weekend!

“Tipsy” Cerulean


One response

  1. butterfly is a joke the owner likes too start drama and she talks shit about all her vip and her staff she is a two face bitch and soon i will spread the word about her club dont go there you will only get harassed and called names and talked about trust me in know

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