Search By: Color

I thought it would be interesting to come up with one word to use each week & find places relating to the word. Best way to search for the word is to try it under different categories avoiding shopping. This way you’ll end up finding all sorts of places to explore instead of spending L$.

This weeks word is: PINK

My goal of searching by the color pink this week was to find places that would make awesome pictures relating to that color. It’s harder than you think. Especially when places have nothing that remotely resembles the color they are named after. I even put on pink hair, shoes, necklace, & tank top go with the word pink. Color coordinating my search word baby.

When I first used the word “Pink” in search you can just guess the type of stuff I came up with. Pink whips. Pink bdsm. I first ended up at a place called “Stinky Pink Motel“. Weirdly enough this is a G area. You would think with a name “Stinky Pink” you would end up with something extremely dirty. My bad.

The hotel itself is pink. The name is pink. It just didn’t look very stinky to me. It’s a small hotel with only two floors & a few rooms. One was available at 3L/a day. (The room itself had caution tape over the door.) If you want, according to the search result, you can contact the owner to buy the land the motel is sitting on.

To go with the whole pink theme I used the windlight setting “fairy warm pink” to match it up.

Weird Sunset Or Colorful Apocalypse?

Next I was off to another pink search word gem named “The Pink Institute” (A). How could I possibly go wrong finding something pink in an adult area with the name pink in it?

As I teleport in the first thing I see is a the big butted insanely large breasted amazon wandering around the teleport area. This is followed by a bunch of upright dildos that just happen to be pink colored. Photo opportunity to show off the word pink from search? I don’t think so.

So I’m wandering around this pink area staring at the various woman just kinda standing around. The place has a “Pink Institute Bimbo Contest” going on. I see that a few of these gals have a change at the grand prize. (ZIIIINNNGGG) I see my opportunity to get my pink related picture before SLpeople watching.

Photo was taken using the windlight “pinkpurple”.

This Looks Like A Safe Place To Stand.

After I took the photo I wandered around a bit. My goal was to find out where this “whiiiirrrrr whiiirrrr whirrrr” sound was coming from that I kept hearing when I first got there. I found it through a really weird door down a creepy corridor. It was coming from some twirling pink spiral light that could give you seizure. This seizure inducing just happened to be in a room with a pink masters chair & some sort of weird machine.

Did I mention the massive amounts of real porn pictures thrown up on walls?

Weird. Totally weird.

Get creative. See what you can find using one unique word in search. Till next time.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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