Hell Yes I’m Offended

This is the first time I have ever written a review on a club that I have been offended by. I’ve written a lot of bad club reviews but this one, how should I put it, angers me & makes me sad at the same time. I was going to use them for this weeks club guide but I decided to just write about them. You’ll understand what I am talking about when you read on.

Angel Wolf Dreams Club & Mall (M)
(I want to point out the “& mall” was not in the club name on the events calendar)

Wow! This is one ugly mall. I’ve been in a lot of ugly malls but this one takes home the ugly gold. Ugly textures. Ugly design. Ugly entrance to the club. The club itself is ugly. They went all out for the ugly effect here.

When I entered the dance club I started dancing right away before I started looking around (Want to point this out. You’ll know why in another paragraph or two). I’ve been here for quite a while and no one has said hi to me. I’m doing leg kicks on their fish tank dance floor. I’m twirling. Baby I am shaking it. I got nothing.

I start looking around at the club decor some more. Check out the crap wood textures. The fish tank dance floor. (I like fish tank dance floors usually.) It’s like they couldn’t make up there mind what kind of decor they wanted. Fish. Wood. Patriotic American flags. Eagle soaring around.  A plane flying into a….

Wait a minute here! Hold the fucking phone!

I said that they had decorated their walls with patriotic wallpaper. On the one wall their wallpaper is a photo of the twin towers being hit by planes. No explanation as to why they put this up. The actually photo.

At this point my mouth dropped wide open & I had only one thought. “What…the fuck?”

I immediately left. No one said hi nor did I even bother to say good-bye. I just left.

My personal opinion on using a photo of 9/11 as decoration? It’s not patriotic. It’s in poor taste. Extremely bad judgement & lack of taste. I feel that they were not using it to swell patriotism into the hearts of Americans. To me it was used as a decorating tool designed to get business.  It’s offensive & it’s insensitive.

The design of the club has absolutely nothing to do with its name. The mall was horrible. The club was atrocious. The use of a heartbreaking & sad time in American history offensive.

I’ve never been so offended by a club before. I mean, I have been to some of the worst clubs in Second Life. From the really bad adult ones to the eyesores. This is the first that has offended me.

After my first visit I went back to make sure that there was nothing on why they had decided to decorate their club like this. There is no explanation. None that I could find. There is a Native American Prayer framed & propped up against a wall with patriotic images. On the far wall the wallpaper is the towers before 9/11. A small model of the twin towers built-in a corner.  To add insult there are multiple stripper poles for strippers to dance on in front of this wall.

Am I reading too much into this? Would you be offended to see this used as a decoration on a cheap club wall?  

Maybe they are trying to achieve something by this or the day has special meaning to the owners. But strippers & poles? To me it’s nothing but exploration.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

*Usually I would throw a picture into my review but I think it would be in poor taste to do so this week. Let the words speak for themselves.*


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