Happy Rez Day To ME!

Today marks my 5 year anniversary on Second Life!

(Insert Prim Confetti Throwing Here.)

In my five years I have never had a rez day party. Not one. Not because I didn’t want one or was too lazy to have one. It’s usually one of those “Oh shit! Look! It’s my rez day!” kinda deals. Also no one has ever offered to throw me one.

(Insert Crickets Chirping Here)

Parties are not a big deal to me.

I thought I would share some really embarrassing photos from 2007 & how I’ve changed from then to now.

They are pretty bad.

Here I am now:

Secret Agent Tipsy


You thought I was going to share that at the beginning of the article? That is madness! Sheer madness!

In 2007 we didn’t have great lighting (still don’t have great natural lighting now) & there was no windlight. There was no great “realistic” anything. We were a bunch of bumbling cartoon characters wearing some of the worst clothing we thought looked good.

Here is a picture of me around the time I started in 2007.

Those Boobs Look Like They Could Kill An Avie!

I didn’t know if I was going to dig being in Second Life or not so I bought whatever skin I found as well as a shape. Unfortunately the shape was no edit. My lips were HUGE! I looked all droopy faced.

Isn’t that look still in? The whole droopy faced model look?


Amazingly enough, after 2007, I have never worn long hair on Second Life again.

Bishop started around the same time that I did. I found a picture of us dancing together at a jazz club. The club is actually still around BUT is nothing like the way it was in 2007. 

Nice Hat!

As you can tell we had a little bit of an issue with the dance ball. No matter how hard we tried to sync it wouldn’t work for us. Bishop looks like he’s trying to morph his hand into my chest while giving “the eye”. I look like I’m waving to someone behind him.

“Hello! Nice to see you!”

Did you get a load of my hair? 

2007 was also the year that I started the “SL Alcoholics” group in Second Life. It started out as a group of friends. In a months time it ended up becoming a website that evolved into where it is today in 2009.

Cheers To The SLA Review & SL Alcoholics Group Too!

(Insert Drink Passing Around Here)

For my 2012 photo I decided to take one in a mesh dress. Since mesh came out I thought it would be an awesome way to show the difference & changes we’ve made in our virtual world these past five years.

The Stripes Are Making Me Dizzy.

I think the tunic makes me look all sorts of big in it. I do have to admit it at least looks comfortable.  Also I was feeling really lazy & didn’t want to change my outfit.

That pose & tunic make my shoulders look like a football linebacker. I really need to take a flattering picture for Valentines Day this year.


Here’s to the five years I’ve spent on Second Life. Hopefully I haven’t wasted all that time. Here’s to many more years that will hopefully come. I hope that those won’t be wasted years either.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

*The dress is a mesh tunic I purchased at a store called Jane. They have some of the best mesh clothing I have seen on Second Life*


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