SLupidity #16

The other day I wandered into my favorite hair store to see if they had any new hairstyles.

If you’re not on Second Life & find yourself reading this you have to think it weird that there would be a store to buy hair. I know I would. It would be kinda cool if we could just go to a store & buy a new hair style. No…wait…that’s a wig store. You could buy a wig.

I’m totally getting off the subject. My bad.

So I walk into this hair store that just happens to be in a G rated area when I notice this naked man kinda standing there with nothing on but his jewelery & fishing boots. I’m at this store for quite a while & he doesn’t move. Just stands there in all of his naked glory.

Ummm…errrr…actually in all of his naked un-glory. Un-glory? What? Let’s throw up a picture so we can pick apart what makes this naked man, in a G area mind you, not glorious as much as a clear winner to be named “SLupid”.

Someone Forgot To “Attach” Something Today

Clearly someone wasn’t feeling very “cocky” today. Yes folks. This man right up there does not have a penis. What happened to his penis? Did it fall off? Did he accidentally misplaced it in some “bad” area of Second Life?  We cannot overlook the fact that this man does not have a penis.

Dude…you do not have a penis.

Just making sure you knew.

I am guessing this particular naked man in the middle of a store (did I mention he was in a store……..) enjoys breast sizes. Not other people’s breast sizes as much as his own. You have to admit that this naked man (in a general rated store mind you) has large boobs. When one cannot find comfort in the bosom of another he must seek out comfort somewhere else. Sometimes this comfort comes from nuzzling ones own boobs. I wonder if he does that. Talks nicely to them. Cuddles them at night & says “Damn baby. You are the bestessssttt breasstssss in the world.”

Damn it! I just totally creeped myself out. I hate it when that happens. 

Oh. Did I mention he has no penis? 

This naked man (Oh look! He’s in a hair store!) is in some sort of weird body shape limbo. He’s like a body builder who lifts weights but is too afraid to gain too much weight. Girlish waist yet totally ripped. (Duuuddde…I can bench press a bus.). I am actually starting to fear that he may have a prim eating disorder. Get off the treadmill while shooting steroids into your body with one hand while lifting weights for the other. You both freak me out (Did I mention he has no penis?) & confuse me at the same time.

I am only going to mention your jewelry real quickly because, and believe me Mr. Scrawny No Penis (No Penis? NO WAY!) Body Builder, I mention this a lot with our SLupidity winners. It just looks….lame. There. I said it. Your jewelry looks lame.

Since we have confused, horrified, & scared the crap out of ourselves with Mr. Dickless from the front I think it is time for a rear view of this prim man chunk.

I See Lo..No Wait..You Forgot Your Damn Underpants Dude!

What more can I really say? Rock out with your no cock out in your bad ass fishing boots. May you catch a whopper. Or at least figure out where you misplaced your junk.

“Tipsy” Cerulean 

Definition Of SLupidity: Word created by “Tipsy” Cerulean

Something insanely stupid that can be found on Second Life. Something that makes your head sometimes hit your desk in awe.

SLupid, SLupidly.

“Wandering  around naked with no cock in a pair of waders looks…well…SLupid.”


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