We are currently under all sorts of RL snow warnings. This will actually be our first snow of the winter.  Being born in the winter & growing up in an area that would see something they like to call “Lake Effect Snow” you would think I would be giddy. I absolutely….HATE SNOW. Bah. I sound like the Grinch. It looks all pretty falling. It looks great when it first lays there. It’s pretty. Then you go out & it’s wet. It’s freezing cold. When I go into town there is dirty slush all over the place. You can keep your snow. I would rather live some place that’s warmer. One of the many reasons I live where I live. First snow if February. Gotta love that.

I really dig Second Life snow. It’s not wet. It’s not cold. I don’t have to shovel it. It doesn’t threaten to get my pick up truck stuck. I can appreciate snow on Second Life because I could run around in my bathing suit & not catch cold or freeze to death.

A Little Late To The Snow Party This Year.

We do have a real life snow activity we partake in every year. The annual making of zombie snow men. We take leftover fake blood from Halloween to make shambling snow zombies. Yeah…I never said I was normal.

Where I am now we don’t see as much snow so I guess it’s cool. Maybe.

I’m going to go back to shaking my fists at the sky & hoping it doesn’t snow too much. (Or the weather man was wrong. Please be wrong.)

“Tipsy” Cerulean


2 responses

  1. I so agree as i live in Sweden =)) And the brown dirty snow in the city are worst!

    1. It was the lamest snowstorm. It’s warm today so most of the 5 inches is already gone. And it’s going to be hot by the end of the week. What a waste! LOL!

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