Furry Butt Challenge

While browsing plurk over the weekend I noticed that someone had posted a blogger challenge to dress a furry avatar. I found the challenge HERE on the Cover My Furry Butt blog. I don’t usually partake in any of the fashion challenges since I don’t just write about Second Life fashion (& have been known to say some pretty mean fashion related things at times). This one intrigued me as, if you notice in most of my photos, I am not all the way human most of the time. Usually part deer, panda, or a tiny. I get bored with being just a human. Anyone can be a human. It takes sass to rock anything beyond that.

Oh you know I’ve got sass baby.

I also happen to have two really nice furry avatars that I like to pull out on occasion. One is a leopard while the other is a deer. Because I thought the challenge was pretty awesome sounding I decided to throw my hat into the ring & came up with this to showcase.

Trying Not To Fall In

I, unlike a lot of fashion people of Second Life, don’t like to over-accessorize. This was something I wanted to keep uber simple. Also…it just gave me an excuse to wear my deer avatar around. De La Soul is where I have purchased both my deer & leopard avatars. I love both of them & highly recommend checking them out if you are looking for such an avatar. Many, like the deer I am wearing, come with both pg & adult skins (adult shows nipples, etc.). I am not wearing the body shape that came with the avatar. Not because I don’t like it but because I like to keep my own shape for things. They do run on the high side but, in my opinion, for a full avatar that is nice like this one it’s worth the price for quality.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Sopor aEternum

Dress: (TokiD) Love Dress (Bronze/Brown)

Avatar: De La Soul  Brown Deer (Not wearing the body shape that it comes with. The earrings can change color or be removed completely.)

Hair: Magika Hair – Kiki (Browns)


4 responses

  1. love the title and it instantly made me what to read the blog post. Keep it up tipsy! 😉

    1. I never do fashion blog challenges because I am usually cruel to the SL fashion world. I had to do this one. Especially when it involved furries & the use of the words “furry butt”. 😀

  2. HAHA! Tyvm for the post! Looks awesome!

    1. You are most welcome! And thank you for the idea! 🙂

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