Beautiful Confusion

Have you ever been to a place on Second Life that is so nicely put together artistically that you kinda wonder what you should be doing?

So shocked by the fact that you aren’t surrounded by a mall that you risk hitting your head on a prim because you might pass out?


Well I haven’t been either. Or that was the case until I came across a place called “Sopor aEternum” (M).

Holding Still Is Hard For Me

It’s hard to describe Sopor aEternum because it’s a cross between art & photography. A place that is macabre yet pretty. Amazing to walk around alone. Even more amazing to walk around with someone else. It has this “tragic romance” feel to it. I told you it was hard to describe.

Alone On Stage

The best way to break down a visit is by using photography. I am assuming that, by now, every blogger on the planet has discovered this place & has decided to either write about it or use it for photography. After I finally found it quite randomly I had to take a few pictures & say a few words about how amazing the place really is. It’s a breath of creative yet evil fresh air. I know it’s impressed me enough to keep it on my landmarks tab to use when I need to take a photo.

I AM The Queen Here

When you first teleport in you find yourself in a sort of broken down carnival with an evil feel. I recommend using their windlight settings as it does give it a certain “doom is lurking” mood. Freakish carousel. Carney items that look more like circus bondage. Eerie music. It doesn’t stop with the dark carnival as there are many areas to check out using the teleport as well as wandering around & exploring on your own.

The Demons Of Poorly Brewed Beer Haunt Me

There is so much to see that I can only scratch the surface of what I found. Demons chasing me. Floating on a leaf down a mountain. A sex bed in a mature area that happens to be in a haunted house bedroom. (It said sex bed but I did not check out the menu. You’ll just have to see if it actually has sex in it yourself.)

I Wonder If This Swing Goes Faster

I highly recommend you just go & check out Sopor aEternum. Be sure to walk around as well as use the teleports to discover new areas. It’s an unusual experience that is great to take a macabre date to or take beautiful photography.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

All photos were taken using various windlight settings. I recommend starting out using the recommended windlight setting they have for the land. (I am using the Firestorm viewer). Only thing I did to the photos were crop them.

Places Photos Were Taken In Order:

1.House: Delightfully morbid visually scary home.

2. Fetish Cabaret: Vintage cabaret with a hint of chains.

3. Chess: Life sized Chess Board

4. Church: Wicked little church

5. House: Sitting on the porch swing.


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