Festival Lag Whores

Stop it!

Just fucking stop it already!

I should really back track & start from the top. There are currently a lot of different festivals on Second Life that are either going on right now or coming up real soon. In the past I’ve written some mean-spirited festival related posts calling them “lag fests” or other such words (You can check out one of MANY examples I’ve given in the past HERE). I’ve called out those who cannot seem to get it through their little virtual brains that wearing an INSANE AMOUNT OF ITEMS does not help out anyone attempting to visit a festival. I’ve decided to just start calling you festival lag whores to lump you all together in a general pain in the ass blob.

There are three things that bother me about shopping related festivals on Second Life.

1. One exclusive item at a fest in a store when I can just go buy the rest at your other store.

2. Exclusive fest items that will be available for purchase at store/marketplace after the fest is done.

3. Sheer crap selections

I am not, amazingly enough, out to attack these three things this time around. 

Hell may have just froze over.

This time around I am purely attacking residents who have been on long enough to know better than to show up at any Second Life festival wearing hair, prims, aos, jewelery, purses, shoes, & whatever else they can cram onto their bodies. We do not give a shit what you are wearing. People are there for one reason. To shop. To see the festival. To experience what is being offered. I am making the cut off from not being educated to just being plain rude at one year. One year as a resident who has figured out how to do multiple things on Second Life. You should know better.

Harsh? Maybe. But I’m calling it at one year.

There is this little thing called ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost) that will tell you just how much it costs to render your avatar. You can find this under the advanced menu. If you can’t figure out how to do this look it up on the Second Life Wiki. That’s what it’s there for.

I will give you a quick idea of what the ARC number colors mean. Green is good. Orange isn’t so hot. Red is bad. You don’t want to have an ARC that is red while walking around a virtual festival. It makes it harder on you as well as the people around you.

I was able to get my avatar down to 1000 ARC to attend a currently ongoing festival called “Festival Of Sin“. I took off all of my prim attachments (Shoes, hair, etc) as well as my AO. So what if you duck walk. No one cares. I’ve taken a picture of myself to show you as an example.

Do What You Have To Do

Sadly I was unable to catch a person who I saw that happened to have a 185409 Avatar Rendering Cost.


Holy Shit!

I did, however, catch these two who couldn’t even move from the spot they were standing (I should say preening like peacocks) because their ARC is so damn high. I wrote them a letter to go with the picture.

Letter To The Rude

Bottom line?

Don’t be an asshole.

I do want to say that the “Festival Of Sin” is an interesting fest with a great approach at attempting to stop the lag whores from ruining the experience for everyone else. When you teleport into the start location there is a notecard that will be given to you. It is CLEARLY MARKED that you should read it. It will inform you that when you try to walk into the various areas from the teleport there is a field that will turn green if your ARC is good. If it isn’t good it will turn red & yell at you. It is really nice to see them try to educate people who attend & get them to make the experience pleasant to everyone.

Too bad everyone I saw while I was there…twice mind you…either didn’t read the notecard, ignored the red gate warning, or just didn’t give a shit.

Except for one person I saw my second time around. (I am currently clapping for you. Thanks for stripping down!)

One day, maybe, people will pay attention, take the time to educate themselves, & stop being rude.

Till then all we can really do is call them out on it.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

P.S. The areas of the Festival Of Sin are greed, envy. sloth. gluttony. vanity. wrath. lust. This is an adult festival. It goes until March 3rd.

While I wandering around the one area a prim avatar popped up in front of me, followed me around, & kept asking me to have sex with it. While its junk was hanging out. Too freaking funny. I got a picture of it to show y’all.

Will You Have Sex With Me?


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