Tipsy’s Got The Funk

Baby…Tipsy has been in a funk & I don’t mean the musical kind.

My brain is completely filled full of blah meh-ness this week.

Oh Look! The sun is shining Tipsy!


Isn’t this super puffy kitten who can sing while tap dancing the cutest?


It’s been pretty much the same all week on Second Life. Meh to wandering around. Blah to the constant reminder that Second Life is turning into something that is no longer a creative universe. It’s become more of a virtual mall with which to buy crap.

Honey…you really don’t need another tight ass black dress with your booty hanging out. We’ve ALLLL seen your booty already in the FIVE HUNDRED other similar dresses you’ve bought from other stores.

That was a slam on people who buy the same dress from different designers AND the people who design the same dress that EVERY other store already has. Just in case you didn’t get it.


Even my “Queen Of Virtual Mean” isn’t just mean it’s more I will mega prim a bitch for touching my car.

Yes. We’ve hit a critical level here folks.

To combat my the horrible depressed funk I’ve been in I’ve decided to do what I do best this weekend while I write about SLhit…Prim Shit…Stuff…around the grid.


By getting all mixology up in here.

Tipsy Gives Good Head. Talking about BEER You Perverts!

I am going to stop wanting to throw prim chairs at some of  the crappy places I’ve come across lately. I’m going to TRY not to have this urge to bite off a club hosts head that thinks “WOOOOOOOOOOO” is a GREAT WAY to get a crowd motivated.

Probably not but it really sounds nice when I at least say I’ll attempt it.

I am going to take the weekend to do something for myself, make really great fancy cocktails, & try to relax.

Oh..and edit a guest blogger’s stuff. Trust me. It’s wicked.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


2 responses

  1. keep your head up tipsy! make a pitcher of drinks and just sit down and take a breath. Need to chat let me know.

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