King Of Mean

I am the Queen of the virtual mean. 

Don’t believe me then read the last mean thing I wrote.

Pretty mean eh?

If I am the queen of prim meanness then it must mean that I have a King. Someone that goes above & beyond to completely rip something virtually apart when it is warranted.

Trust me.

It’s warranted.

Please welcome “St.” Bishop who is our writer of the week. He is the type of person who will give you his honest opinion no matter how harsh it may be. I gave him two photos of a prime SLupidity Candidate. Here is what he had to say.

May I present to you…Ms. Piggly Wiggly Dumpster Skank.

What The Fuck Is Up With Your Gloves?

I am trying to wrap my head around your insanely large boobs that sag in your dollar store tube top. Did you plan on having nasty sagging milk bags or did they just fall under their cartoon proportioned weight?

Has anyone ever told you that you have football player shoulders?

Your 1950s french maid outfit screams soccer mom fantasy.

“Oh honey you never want to do me anymore.”

 Good thing you remembered the tiara. Instead of skank I really should just dub thee “Queen Of The Toilet Cleaning.”

I feel some need to fucking remind you that it’s 2012. 1985 was a long while ago yet someone forgot to tell your hair this. Your bangs are so fucking big I could surf on them. 

What the fuck is wrong with your foot? You have bulimia feet!

How the hell can a person have bulimia feet?

What's Crackin'?

Tiny Feet + Fat Ass = Scientific Impossibility

Somewhere in the universe Newton is weeping.

How the hell are you keeping that white bow on your back? Did you glue it? Did someone forget to wash their back & it’s blossomed from a skankcapade into a cheap piece of lace? 

You people who cannot figure out what looks good & what doesn’t make me want to kick your prim dog. 

“St.” Bishop

I want to thank Bishop for taking time out of his schedule to check out these two photos for me. His head shaking & mumbling of “What the fuck was this lady thinking?” was priceless.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Definition Of SLupidity: Word created by “Tipsy” Cerulean

Something insanely stupid that can be found on Second Life. Something that makes your head sometimes hit your desk in awe.

SLupid, SLupidly.

“Your cheap ass skank maid outfit makes you look SLupid.”


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  1. […] for the mean things I say when I write my SLupidity articles…it’s called “reading a bitch“. Look it up if you don’t know […]

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