International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day!

A day to celebrate being a woman & to appreciate all women around the world.

If you don’t know what I am talking out then check out the official website HERE. You can also learn about International Women’s Day right HERE.

Being a woman can be a tough gig. The statistics, even today, of violence against women is staggering. The treatment of women in some countries depressing. They way some people consider a woman as property or “beneath them” is maddening.

This translates into Second Life. When I first started the amount of people who automatically assumed that I was there to just have sex anytime they wanted because I am a was horrible. Those that assumed I was only on Second Life because I wanted to have lots of virtual sex made me angry. It pissed me off to the point where I did a lot of yelling. I still do a lot of yelling because, though it seems to have gotten better over the years I still run into those that have those ideals of a virtual woman stuck in their head.

I’m a “I will punt you” type of personality. 

In the past year alone I can name three individuals who treated woman like dirt. The first one felt it was his duty to have as many woman as sexual partners as possible. This lead to their lying by each woman not knowing about the other as well as them professing their “undying love” to every one of them. The icing on the cake was the great fact that they were married in real life AND she was also a SL resident. To them woman were nothing more than playthings. If one breaks you get another.

The second lied about their age. Then they lied about being an alt. who just happened to be in a serious relationship with their partner on their main account. They forced their way into someones real life to try to control every aspect of their woman. They were just there to be controlling & manipulative towards woman.

The third was just, to put it in a simple term, a shithead. He used derogatory language to describe a woman while in a relationship. Towards his partner as well as any other woman he came across. He attempted to sleep with all of her friends while bad mouthing her behind her back. Asshole is the only word you can use to really express this individuals personality.

I watched each girl who was in a relationship with these three individuals gain a lack of self esteem & self-worth by being involved with people like this. We are women. We are strong. We should NEVER let anyone treat us the way you were all treated.

I am sorry you ever had to have those types of virtual experiences & I hope that all the woman who have had that experience never go through it again. Take some advice from Ol’ Tipsy who would NEVER lets anyone treat her like that. You NEVER have to put up with that type of behavior. EVER.

Not everyone is bad. That’s not what I am trying, My point is that we’ve come a long way as woman. We can vote. We can do anything we put our minds to. We can have a virtual life where we can be & do whatever we want.There are still people with this insane ideal of old fashion towards our sex that is ridiculous. Be it in real life or a virtual one.

We treat people with respect & love no matter their race, sex, sexual orientation, & everything else. 

So I want to thank the woman who fought for our right to vote. The people who fought to give me the right to wear mens clothing in public if I want (It wasn’t allowed & people were arrested for dressing in the opposite sexes clothing.) I wear guys carpenter jeans & tshirts in real life & I’m proud of who I am. Thank you to the woman who helped to make us equals with voices that should be heard loud & clear. And thank you to those who still fight for woman to be treated with respect.

Proud Of My Virtual & Real Life Self.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

I want to share a two links to women’s organizations that support women’s rights as well as offer help to women who have found themselves in terrible situations.

National Organization For Women

Take Back The Night


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