Reading The Riot Act

There are a few things I want to point out before I get into todays worlds of virtual wisdom. I say a lot of mean things but in my mind I am not being mean. I am never trying to be malicious to an individual, place, or thing. I’m giving my personal opinion on how I see it. I’m honest in my writing. If I hate your shit I hate your shit & I will tell the world I hate it. If I love you then honey I will share it with everyone who can hear me.

This is what they call reviewing. You cannot successfully review anything if you cannot give an honest opinion. Sometimes its harsh but it is what we is. We deal with things, we change them, we try to do better. It’s all I ask.

I call a bunch of people SLupid but, holy hell, you see what I am looking at. It’s horrible. The clubs I give bad reviews on. The places I pan in an insanely critical way. It’s all how I see it. Writing a review is not about pleasing the masses. It’s about actually reviewing something & giving your honest/no holds bar opinion on them. We write. We pan. We love. It’s what we do.

If I wasn’t honest then I am not being true to myself. I’m not being true & fair to everyone who reads this prim backwoods answer to the nice blogs of Second Life.

With that being said I am going to write something nice tonight. It’s not forced. It’s true to the heart because,with everything I write, I write what I feel.

In the Haus O’ Tipsy, in real life, there has been in massive discussions about bullying & being true to who you are. With all of the things people see in the news you would think that bullying would be a dying torture but it really isn’t. I deal, on a weekly basis, with bullying issues in various forms. It’s wrong that one has to deal with not wanting to follow the norm but be themselves only to get picked on & bullied all the time. In this household we don’t just step outside the box we fucking blow that shit up, light it on fire, then make origami out of its caricus. To hell with societies “norms”. Each of us is a unique individual with different styles, tastes, & ways of living. We don’t judge you on who you are. We support each others choices. We only ask that you respect & love those that surround you.

How exactly does discussing real life fit in with Second Life?

It absolutely does! 

There is a person behind each avatar you meet. The busted ho you see in the dirtiest places on Second Life to the high fashion turned up nose bitch you run into at the high L$ establishment is actually a real individual. They have real feelings. People may say that nothing bothers the person sitting behind “The mask” of a virtual identity but they really don’t know.

A rude elder scolding a “newbie” for “duck walking” across a store by calling them out on their “newness”. A new resident calling an older resident “yesterdays avatar..get with the program”. 

There is no need to establish lines. The old help the new get their “sea legs” while the new bring in fresh ideas to keep our world alive. The “elders” have the knowledge of what worked & what doesn’t while helping to bring new blood into a dying virtual world. There shouldn’t be a reason to be uppity & “beyond your realm of being” because, for fucks sake, everyone needs someone, be it young or old, to bring ideas into the mix. Don’t knock it before you kick the box over & devour it.

It makes me sad to deal with the real life bullying issues that make me want to cry because people are such fucking pricks to their fellow human beings. Virtually I get angry & aggressive because I feel that people are dismissed because they are not a “SLebutard” or are different.

Or the fact that they cannot give anyone the validation or love they need to feel good about themselves.

I told you I tell it like it is.

Give people a damn chance. Different is good. It should be celebrated. It should never be instantly judged. You never know who will surprise you.

As for the mean things I say when I write my SLupidity articles…it’s called “reading a bitch“. Look it up if you don’t know what I’m talking about. We also NEVER use names due to the fact that no one deserves to be harassed.

Keep it truthful. Keep it real. Never compromise yourself.

“Tipsy” Cerulean 

I want to add a few links to sites that help those that have been bullied. Being a person deals with bullying issues constantly I feel it is important to spread the word to help anyone who has had problems.

Stop Bullying

Cope With Bullying With Children

It Gets Better


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