Virtual Cow Manners Manual

Christmas Cow (No matter the season it’s always HO HO MOO with Christmas cow) & I have been considering writing a virtual book together. Since Christmas Cow has been doing very well with is manners we thought that a book of cow manners was in order. After much drinking & mooing we decided to share a few of our ideas for the book.

Bet you didn’t know that Christmas Cow could drink any barn yard animal under the table. Just ask Easter Goat. He’s still in pain.

Moo & Thank You: A Book Of Virtual Cow Manners

DO: Be Polite When You Are A Guest In Someones Home

DON’T: Try To Eat Your Host/Hostess House Plants

Get The HELL Off My Houseplant!

DO: Always Ask To Be Excused From The Dinner Table

DON’T: Stick Your Head In The Cole Slaw

My Dinner!!!

DO: Wipe Your Hoofs Before Entering House

DON’T: Put Hoof Prints On The Ceiling

Come Down From There!

DO: Always Knock Before Entering

DON’T: Use Someones Bed Without Asking


I think that Christmas Cow & I might have a virtual book hit on our hands.

What do you think?

“Tipsy” Cerulean


One response

  1. […] his virtual counterpart he is good about not peeing on the floors.  Our little virtual Cow just learned what manners were recently. Our real life cow also likes to drink up all of the alcohol in the house. Bad Cow! […]

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