Kermit Was Wrong

It’s not that hard being green.

I think Kermit was having some depression issues when he wrote that song. Green is the color of the leaves. Spring. We know that. It’s also the color of St. Patty’s Day, one of the BEST holidays of the year.

If you’ve got a lot of Irish in you then you get to celebrate your heritage.

If you’re a traditionalist then you actually pay attention to what Saint Patrick’s Day was meant to be.

If you’re like me & have Irish heritage but are not known for anything saintly, except for St. Bishop, then you have a fondness for kegs & eggs, green beer, & Irish whiskey.

To get prepared for St. Patty’s Day Second Life style I thought I would share a few SLurls that involve celebrating your inner Irish.

One of the most popular & most visited areas when it comes to travel & celebrating St. Patty’s Day is the Dublin Sim (Mature). Around St. Patty’s Day this place will get PACKED full of people visiting the pub or just wanting to explore.

Stopping Off For A Quick One.

I wandered away from the crowd who was rezzing into the pub & wandered down Grafton Street during my visit. The place is huge so take your time while visiting.

Next I happened upon this place dubbed “Quiet Irish Parkland” on accident while using the search keyword “Irish”. There are paths to hike, poseballs to do pose stuff on, as well as other hidden things to explore. I did wander into one area that informed me there were cottages to rent, as well as a warning to stay out of private property. None of the houses I came upon were for rent. I also could not find out how much rent was.

Bah Indeed!

It is very beautiful with its many paths & water. I, personally, got a kick out of the sheep in various areas. I don’t know why but they just made me laugh.

I did want to point out something I found while exploring areas marked “Irish” in Second Life. One place that claimed to be an Irish pub had this outside of it.

Irish Shark?

Yes. Beware of the shark people. 

Because they had a shark that could attack other avatars it made me wonder how many shark attacks actually happen in Ireland.

According to internet research I could only find a wiki answers page there have only been five reported shark attacks in Ireland. No sources cited so I have absolutely no clue if this is correct. Where there be ocean there be shark I guess.

Way to go for getting me off topic Second Life.

I hope that these two places help you on your travels to find something Irish on Second Life.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Dress was purchased at Riddle (Lace Dress: Green 75L) They currently have a display in the front of the store with green items for St. Patty’s Day.



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