Down With The Sickness?

Hell No!

And I also HATE that song.

It’s horrible.

But that’s beside the point.

Usually I am ahead on writing but I’ve been hit with a sickness hat trick as of late.

Had & got over a cold. Food poisoning twice do to being wrong about what food wants to destroy me.

Dealing with a sick person for the past couple of days.

I am majorly tired of everyone getting sick as well as feeling like crap myself. I thought this might be an awesome time to share a few Second Life hospitals with everyone. It won’t make you feel any better in real life but it’s kinda fun to role-play.

Falcon Bay Hospital (A)

First thing I saw when I turned to face the building was two avatars in a chair, naked, having sex. Yes folks. This is a sex hospital. There wasn’t any strange medical sex equipment.


Not really sure if you are disappointed or happy about this. You could have sex on a treadmill is you think your prim heart could take it.

I would have gotten a picture of the place but:

1.) No matter what area I tried to face there was a real life porn picture on the wall.

2.) The bookcase, which would be a safer picture bet, had someone having sex in front of it. Kinda hard to take a photo then.

The place is super small. Didn’t really feel hospital like in any way.

I would like to point out, if you find porn humor funny, that there is a picture of a blow job via x-ray on a wall.

Rackingham State Hospital (G)

Once again I am off in my attempt to find a regular, realistic Second Life hospital. Instead I end up at a haunted/horror hospital that is freakish, scary, gross, & well put together.

Quick! Someone Get Her A Shower STAT!

It makes you think of F.E.A.R., Silent Hill, & every other creepy video game & hospital themed horror movie you’ve ever seen. Not too shabby for a G rated area.

 Ann Meyers Medical Center  (G)

This hospital was open with good intention. Named after the creators mother they are in Second Life to educate future medical students & nurses.

You Can't Be A Hospital Without The Free Coffee.

Though the build isn’t spectacular & the floating words telling you to click on various things is cluttered it is still a wonderful thing they are attempting to do. I give props.

You can check out their website HERE.

Second Life General Hospital (A)

This virtual hospital is the first one I have come across that actually does a good job of looking like a real hospital. Billed as a “Role Playing” you can come in & role play, with consent from the other party of course, you can get your pretend hospital on.

Give It To Me Straight Doc!

They do have a LOT of rules that they ask everyone to follow:

No spam, no public nudity, no griefing, no ads, no mass teleports, no biting, no begging

These are perfectly acceptable rules. Also it’s their hospital so it’s their rules.  They do have a signs posted around the facility to remind you of these rules & who to contact if someone is breaking them.

If you are looking to get a realistic hospital role-playing experience then I suggest checking them out. When you are in the hospital lobby there is a sign you can click on for rules, information, & how to become a part of the group.

As for my real life stuff all one can really do is cross their fingers & hope for the best.

No “Captain Trips.”

No Zombies.

“Tipsy” Cerulean 


2 responses

  1. A sex hospital? Buwahahahaaaa. I’d love to see the X-ray blowjob pic. Good read IMO.

    1. Nothing says “I’m here to help you RP Doctor” more then a BJ x-ray picture. LOL!

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