The End Is Nigh

While thinking of an idea for today’s Second Life article zombies popped into my head. I am not exactly sure why. Maybe it’s because it was early in the morning. Maybe it’s because I was watching retro 60s cartoons while eating a salad.


That has nothing to do with zombies.

Whatever the case may be I went out into our lil’ virtual world armed with a canteen (not really) & a survival kit (not really) to find zombie areas in G, M, & A. A Little bit of something for everyone.


Zombie Attack (G)

This little G rated zombie killing area, which sounds weird when you say “zombie killing area” while describing a G rated area, is tiny. A small little alley below what basically amounts to a weapons store gives you the opportunity to shoot zombies like “A Zombie Fish In A Gross Barrel”.

We Can Dance If We Want To.

If you’re in the mood to do no role-playing & just want to mow down zombies with some sort of firearm then you’ve found your place. They do offer a free gun if you don’t feel like shelling out a shitload of Lindens just to shoot at something.

Zombie City (M)

Zombie City is a typical looking urban decay area that threw in some zombies for you to whack. The landing point is sparse with a few weapons vendors. No free guns that I saw while I was there so either buy one or BYOG. I did find a notecard that is in the landmark poster at the landing point. Basically it just tells you to “Kill Or Be Killed”. Pretty simple.

They skipped on the decorating scheme of buildings as there was absolutely nothing in the hospital. It was just a large, empty building. The other buildings were locked so running from a zombie into a building doesn’t really work. I do wonder if I could have just blasted at the doors while screaming “OPEN GOD DAMN IT!” to get them to open.

There was an arcade on the top floor of the pawn shop so I did what any normal person would do during a zombie apocalypse. I played “Doctor Who” pinball.

She's A Pinball Wizard.

I did discover something about zombies that I had never known before. We’ve all seen movies that have shown zombies to be unable to open doors. In a few they can swim, walk underwater, or fight a shark. Thought I have yet to see a zombie fight a shark in Second Life (Come On! Get Your Fulci On SL!) I have discovered that virtual zombies cannot figure out how to use fire escape ladders.

You tiny-brained wipers of other people's bottoms!

One could spend an entire afternoon taunting the undead before going back in to play some more arcade games.

This area, though it is sparsely decorated, would make a good place to bring a few friends to do a bit of role-playing. I can tell that there have been people there recently as there are spare bullets as well as weird bubble shields littered all over the sim. I am going to assume that they will be cleaned up at some point because they are out-of-place & annoying to look at.

Side Note: There is a shopping area outside of the urban zombie city. Gates connect to the shopping area but they would not open for me. I guess this is so the zombies don’t munch on shoppers? I really don’t know.

Jazmine zombie horror mad scientist bdsm friendly (A)


This place actually says “Zombie Horror Mad Scientist BDSM Friendly” in the name.

Now that we got that out-of-the-way I should mention that it also has a LOT of RLV traps around the island. I do not use RLV so I cannot tell you all of the sordid details on each trap. I did see a few that strip you completely naked, a great thing to have happen when running from zombies, so that should tell you what to expect if you go the RLV route.

This place is…strange.

An adult area that involves zombies, science, bdsm, rlv, & strangely enough…no sex? Really? I wandered around for quite a while & didn’t see anything that let you get your sexy on. Stranger yet is the fact that I would actually notice the lack of sex stuff in an adult area…with zombies.


It is safe to say, with the long name aside, that this is actually a GREAT place to role play some sort of weird zombie fantasy. I did not see a single thing telling me the rules (Except for the don’t be an idiot you must be an adult avatar rule which should be a no brainer to everyone.) There is no health meter so if you get bit by a zombie you won’t get sent home. There is nothing telling you that you can’t run around, shotgun in hand, & blow things away when they do try to bite you. Maybe there is a notecard somewhere & I missed it. Just use common sense.


Oh yes I found the zombies. I found zombie beetles, zombie school girls, the undead, the punk undead, spiders. They just randomly popped up in different areas out of the blue. I kid you not when I say that a giant spider tried to attack me & scared the shit out of me. I wasn’t expecting it. All I was doing was walking up some creepy steps surrounded by spider webs not expecting a thing.

Well that was pretty…uhh..stupid of me.


If you don’t mind going to an area that has RLV traps & zombies then I recommend checking it out. If you actually come across some weird sex more power to ya.


“Tipsy” Cerulean

*I would also like to recommend playing around with windlight to give yourself a good “Oh Shit! Zombies!” vibe.


2 responses

  1. Great write up on some zombie killing areas. I always enjoy reading your blog despite not even being a SL user.


    1. I tells ya. We need to get you on here. I’ll even let you come over to my house. LOL!

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