Putting The Real In Virtual

In real life I do work for a music studio. I do all of the office related items like website, answering messages, paperwork, pencil sharpening. The regular things that those involved with the music making process themselves shouldn’t have to deal with.

I can, believe it or not, sing. I also write lyrics. I…rock…hehe.

The name of the studio I work with is called Detune Studios. One day I discussed how, since one of the many things they do also includes music for machinima, they should consider having a virtual presence within Second Life. Since they know what Second Life is as well as have had their own avatar for years I was given the go ahead to put together a simple little studio.

I put in a really nice sitting area for people to sit down as well as a place to discuss business if needed. You always need someplace comfortable to sit. I also did sneak in a bottle of wine on the table. I couldn’t help it.

Detune Studios In-World

I think that people should take advantage of Second Life & use it with their real life businesses. Especially if they offer something that residents can use in a Second Life capacity. Bringing services that residents can use benefits both the business & the residents.

Totally Relaxing.

The studio itself does custom, original music. A few examples are youtube, machinima, session studio work, as well as much more.  I had to get myself involved with them from the beginning because I find the whole process, from start to finish, amazing.

I added equipment & a sound room to try & make it a little realistic. Worst part of trying to make a music studio is prim count. They can be your worst enemy. I had to forgo adding a really nice drum set because I didn’t want to over accessorize as well as use up all of the prims.

Where The Magic Happens.

The next thing I am going to try & set them up with is in-world music performances of all original music. Instead of someone just spinning someone elses records I thought that residents might be interested in hearing original music from someone they can dance to.

I feel that Second Life can be a great opportunity for small or new businesses because every little bit of exposure helps. You don’t need to spend an insane amount of money in Second Life to have a place that properly showcases your business which is another bonus. More businesses need to explore this avenue.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

You can check out Detune Studios on the web right HERE to find out about their services as well as view studio photos & listen to clips of work in progress. You can also visit their in-world studio right HERE.


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