Mesh-ed Up

I have been really lazy when it comes to wearing mesh.

Don’t get me wrong. I love mesh & I do own a lot of mesh. I’m just lazy when it comes to wearing it. I hate having to change my body shape around to fit different designers mesh outfits. When I have been out to various places on the grid I have had people ask me why I am wearing a “bubble”. I also hate that, not because people asked me, but because it’s frustrating to pay money for something that many people see as a “bubble”.

I am in awe that there are still a LOT of people that are not using viewers that offer mesh.

To each his own.

Today I stopped being a lazy bitch & got on a pose stand to fool around with various mesh dresses. It’s a real chore because each designers idea of small to large is completely different from the next one.

I am using one dress on the pose stand to show size differences in each dress. No disrespect to the designer as I do love the dress & understand how difficult it is when everyone is a different shape/size.  Also, like I said before, I have been mesh lazy & you do have to sometimes change your body shape to fit.

Tipsy Tip: If your shape copies just make one for mesh dresses that you can change as needed.

I get really frustrated with the alpha popping out around the edges of dresses. I end up in situations where either I have skin popping out because the dress is too small or this blank land of alpha around the edges because I’m too small.

My Back Be All Sorts Of Gone!

Where Did The Rest Of Tipsy Go?

Another thing that frustrates me is boobies.


Not boobies in general.

I like boobies.

Boobies rock!

Boobies, I’m mature with my language, in mesh can be super frustrating. Sometimes they are too big & pop out the front of your dress.

No I did not take a picture of my boobs popping out the front of my dress.


When you go to the next size your boobies are too small where they get completely swallowed up by the dress.

I said “swallowed”. Hehe.

Just Add Blimps.

Needed: One Pair Of Fake Plastic Boobs

I feel that I need two blimps to pilot the boobie controls of mesh. A couple of watermelons AND some cantaloupes to make it fit better. If I made my boobs any wider they would be on my back.  It’s a bit ridiculous since I don’t have tiny boobs on Second Life. Oh baby this lady has some nice one’s in real life I’m not going to skimp in my virtual life.

Awwww yeah.

I may have to get in content with a few people who like to wear comically large breast add ons just to make mine fit some extra-large mesh dresses.

I do have another critic that irks me beyond belief.

Ass size.

Why is there this HUGE NEED to have HUGE ASSES on Second Life? I don’t have a huge ass in real life. I have a nice ass.

Once again…..Awww yeah!

With that said I don’t want to have a giant ass shelf in Second Life.

Why? Oh why must some dresses go for the giant ass shelf?

Booty For DAYS Baby!

Baby Got Back!

If you also notice part of my leg is popping out. When the rest of the dress fits you but you have to fix your thighs or legs to make a dress work it’s frustrating.

Tipsy Side Note: There are some dresses that make you look just plain huge. That gets frustrating because it’s a beautiful dress yet it completely swallows up your shape completely.

I’m not hating on mesh. It just gets frustrating at time do to the time you have to spend to fit each individual dress.

I ain’t hating on ya mesh. Kisses & stuff.

And here lies the key to mesh. If you want to make it work you have to stop being a lazy alcoholic bitch (Oh no she didn’t just call Tipsy that. Wait…whuuu…) & spend the time to make it work for you.

It ain’t easy trying to be beautiful honey!


Holding On For My Virtual Life!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Dress in the final photo is completely different from used on the pose stand. Why? Because I got frustrated with the other one. This dress is from Jane (marsha tunic.spectrum) who seems to bring the mesh every time they release something. Good job!

Bonus Tip Of The Day: If you’re thinking about buying mesh BUY THE DEMO! If they don’t have a demo I won’t buy it. If I can’t make sure it will work it’s not worth my time.


4 responses

  1. U said “boobies” and “swallowed” in the same SL post. I’m aroused. Buwahahahhaa

    1. Then I have done my job. LOL!

  2. I might be confused and misunderstanding so forgive me if I’m telling you something you already know. You say “I also hate the fact that I cannot wear another alpha when I’m wearing mesh”. You can actually wear 5 layers of any clothing layer at a time, including alpha. Instead of clicking “wear” when you put your clothing on, you select “add” and this will just add the layer to what you are already wearing. If you are still using Phoenix then this isn’t an option, but any other viewer features this option so you can wear 5 alpha layers total for shoes, skirt, top, hair etc, as well as 5 each of jackets, tattoos, shirts, pants, underwear, undershirts, and socks. Hopefully this helps… but like I said, maybe I misunderstood what you were saying.

    1. (Hit’s Head On Desk)
      I completely forgot about that while writing! Thank you for reminding me! I took it out of the article.

      Lesson Learned: Don’t Drink & Edit. 🙂

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