Second Life To Merge With RuneScape

A shocking announcement was made today by Linden Labs stating that they are planning to merge Second Life with the popular game “RuneScape”. When asked their reasoning as to why they felt this was a good idea they released this statement:

“Todays average SL resident has become flabby & weak due to all of the virtual sex & club hopping that occurs. We felt that it was in the best interest of our residents to merge with Runescape to form a new world called “SLunescape“. Here our residents will immerse themselves in the more important aspects of a virtual life, like virtual mining & bread making” to round out their whole online experience.”

With this announcement the residents of Second Life have been organizing protests all around Linden owned lands. Torley was seen running across the grid in an attempt to stop all protests by yelling “Come on! Just let me amplify your awesomeness already!” Rodvik Linden is currently barricaded in his gold-plated virtual mansion & only answering protesters outside of his gates with quotes from the movie “Top Gun”.


When the players of Runescape were asked to comment on the merger they were too busy fishing to up their levels.

April Fools!

Lord “Tipsy-tron” Cerulean Of DOOM


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