Virtual Hiking Is DANGEROUS!

It’s a prim jungle some days in our virtual world. You could get hit by a virtual bus. Someone could try to throw a cage on top of you claiming you as their mate not realizing you could just teleport the hell out of there. A flying piano could hit you on the head.

No really.

I actually saw a piano float on by recently for no reason. I was too mystified as there was no one around controlling the piano to take a picture.


Take yesterday for example. Typical sunny Second Life day. No breeze. Light on the clouds. No chance of rain. High in the upper…whatever the hell the normal temperature range would be for a sunny day. Since the weather was so nice & I was all by myself I decided to go on a little nature adventure. Maybe do some hiking or boating.

When I first arrived at the park I saw a little canoe just waiting for me. Perfect! After a few moments of trying to figure out why I wore a poofy dress & heels to go on a hike, as well as stare at the paddle that kept trying to impale me, I was off for the watery unknown.

The birds were singing & I was on a canoeing roll baby. I screamed “Row Row Row!” as I paddled under bridges & around bends. As I took a rest in the middle of a beautiful late things went HORRIBLY WRONG!

A gigantic sea creature decided to pop up right next to my boat in an attempt to eat me. It snorted smoke in my way as if he prefered his prey to have that special smokey flavoring. I did what only sensible avatar woman would do in that sort of situation. I calmly put down my martini, dived into the water, & had a terrific underwater battle to the death.


Who are we kidding! I don’t even know how to swim.

I screamed like a girl & tried to hit him with my paddle. 

After a few moments of him making grumbling noises at me he left. I am not sure if it was my awesome paddle jabs, my screaming, or a combination of both but he just left.

I was relieved!

After my little run in with a GIANT WATER MONSTER I decided that I would probably be safer on land. A nice walk on a dock around a sandy bay might do me good. It’s on a boardwalk, & the water was shallow. No danger of a sea creature attempting to gnaw on my tender prim flesh.

I had my choice between walking along a jungle river or walking on a boardwalk through the sands. A boardwalk seemed like the safer of the two so a walking we will go. Everything was going perfectly till my heel, which I was stupid to wear on a hike in the first place, decided to break. I crashed through the boardwalk fence like a virtual pickup truck & somehow landed in the middle of a tar pit.


In a desperate move to save my virtual life I somehow managed to grab onto a tree root & pull myself free. Covered in tar & freaked out over my almost demise I should have called it a day. I should have quit right there & went home.

Did I?

Oh no I did not.

I decided to take that walk, broken heel & all, along the jungle river. I was determined to have a good time damn it!

Instead I got eaten by a crocodile. 

Tipsy Crunch & Munch

Poor me. Poor, now drunk from eating me, crocodile.

Lesson Of The Day: Sometimes it’s a good idea to hike in pairs. Even in a virtual world. 

(Slightly Chewed On) “Tipsy Cerulean  

Photos taken at:

Aero Pines Park (G)

Quicksand Cove (M)

Tarzan  Jungle (M)


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