Opening Day!

Baseball is back!


The Detroit Tigers Are Playing The Red Sox today at home!


Play Ball!

When baseball season starts I become OBSESSED with it. Ask anyone who knows me personally. OBSESSSED! I read the baseball news, listen or watch EVERY GAME, get really passionate, dominate sports conversation with “St” Bishop, get drunk & discuss it with the hot bartender at the sports bar.

Awww Yeahhhh!

 I love football A LOT but NOTHING can compare to my passion about baseball. I weep when the seasons over because I know I have to wait too long for it to come back. I’m a junkie.

I have been a Detroit Tigers Fan as well as a Toledo Mud Hens (Minor League) since I was a small child. Growing up where I did I have been to countless professional games in Detroit as well as a slew of Toledo Mud Hens games. My fathers love became my passion as well.

I am a dedicated, diehard, sometimes total BITCH of a fan & I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As I was wandering around carrying a baseball bat in Second Life I noticed the lack of anything baseball related in-world. Anything that could be considered substantial anyways.  I’m not talking shopping here people. I’m talking actually baseball. No stadium. No hall of fame. Not even a batting cage. Boxing, football (both types), hockey, racing, basketball, etc, are present in our little virtual world. Hell. I even belonged to a virtual roller derby team for a while.

Where’s the baseball damn it!

I searched through various SL baseball related groups. I found quite a few for a SL baseball league but none of the landmarks were valid anymore in any profiles. None of the information was up to date. Many had moved on to different sports.

I know that we had it at one point but it seems to have died away. Maybe there is some back lot virtual baseball hiding someplace. I just have to keep digging. Hopefully I don’t run into the  fight club of baseball. Tipsy will fuck a bitch up baby.

Whatever happens in SL baseball stays in SL baseball! 

With the presence of so many other sports I feel we need to revitalize the virtual baseball league. We could even televise the games. I think that I’m not the only one who thinks this is an excellent idea.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Tipsy LOVES Baseball!

Detroit Tigers Vs. Red Socks starts at 1:05pm est  (Not only is it their first game of the season it’s also the home opener.)

First Toledo Mud Hens Game (which is also their home opener) VS. Indy is at 5pm est. on Friday April 6th. 

I can watch both games because I have & If you want to listen to the Mud Hens game for free just use iheartradio. It’s what I use when I’m not at home. 


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