Virtual Holiday Feast

Easter is almost upon us. As virtual families get together to do whatever virtual families do for holidays it will be just Mr. C. Cow & I.

What do virtual families do for holidays anyways? Do they get together for a prim meal? It’s what I would do if I had a virtual family. I would put together a visual feast that would give off a feeling of a traditional holiday family meal.

I don’t have a virtual family. Don’t cry. It’s OK. I will survive. I’m more of the hermit of Second Life type anyways.  My awkward social “klutz” weirdness in real life bleeds over to Second Life so it would make having me around for a virtual holiday like inviting your crazy aunt who brought her own booze to the party. Besides  Mr. C. Cow & I get along brilliantly. I give him cud & he doesn’t pee on the wood flooring. It’s a win/win for everyone.

If I could only get Mr. C. Cow to stop constantly wearing his Santa Cow hat. It’s spring Mr. Cow!

This year we invited one of the Easter Bunnies employees, Egg Decorating Trainee Milly, to an Easter meal. Since Milly is stuck looking at eggs all season long we decided to go with something less traditional.  Also I’m a vegetarian. It would seem weird to throw something down like a prim ham when I don’t even eat it in real life.

I did slap on a pair of droopy bunny ears & a tail to make Milly feel more at home.

Milly Brought Her Work With Her.

After a few glasses of wine we discussed celebrating holidays in a virtual world. Not having a virtual family I cannot comment on how they celebrate. Years ago I use to throw virtual dinner parties that involved various holidays. Those days are long ago & I no longer get the opportunity to do so. I’ve passed out Christmas presents to friends as well as birthday presents. Thrown birthday parties. Taken groups of people out for a fancy prim meal at a virtual restaurant.

I do have this urge to get a group of people together for a night of fancy restaurant role playing.

I am not, in any way, a religious person, so Easter is not a big deal to me. It’s the day a bunny brings you candy & marks the start of spring break. There is also baseball which always makes me good to go.

I do have memories of decorating eggs as a kid while my grandmother made a lot of cookies.

Close Up Of Our Feast.

After a few more glasses of wine we discussed holidays in a virtual world versus how we celebrate in real life. In real life we celebrate our various traditions & rituals that were either taught to us by family or developed over the years. In Second Life many people celebrate by going to a club that has some sort of holiday related event. You won’t be hard pressed to see someone dressed in some sort of sexy version of a holiday costume if you walk around the grid. Real Life & Second Life do have one thing in common. Many people will spend it with their virtual friends & family.

Maybe some will have that not so traditional virtual meal with their friends & families.

It doesn’t matter how you plan on spending the holidays, virtual or in real life. What matters is being happy & with those you love.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Purchased On The Marketplace: Easter Eggs (On Floor), Tiffany Style Egg (On Table), Bunny W/Egg

Food Purchased In-World At: Sirenes et Moineaux Patisserie


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