Spring Break!

In the movies spring break usually involves a bunch of guys trying to get laid, parties, lots of alcohol, & woman wearing bikini’s that could possibly get you arrested in any other situation.  At some point someone might even get arrested, find the girl/guy of their dreams, & save an orphanage/school/strip club. If you’re not careful you might even burn down a gambling boat.

Where The Hell Am I?

I am going to go out on a limb & assume that most of you have never ridden a motorcycle into a pool, went to Florida to meet the big breasted blond bombshell soul mate, or had a spur of the moment beach party where a washed up actor showed up to sing for everyone.

“St.” Bishop & I had fun coming up with typical spring break experiences that Hollywood tries to tell us is the norm. From the college movies to the beach movies. From spring break to holidays. Second Life is the perfect place to recreate these wacky Spring Break moments.

Second Life – Where one can live those stereotyped spring break experiences! 

Here is our list:

1. Zany plot to get a yacht you can’t afford.

How Do You Drive These Things?

2. Renting an expensive car under your buddies name, crashing it, then trying to hide the fact the car is totaled.

3. That perfect girl you like? Well she just happens to be the mobsters daughter.

4. You will have a crab clip your testicles. All the cool kids are doing it.

5. Girlfriend goes away on spring break mad at you so you hitchhike hundreds of miles to find her.

6. Gratuitous beach babe run.

Action Run!!!!

7. You find yourself on stage with a washed up rock band jamming to some tunes while your buddy sits behind stage with an icepack between his legs. This is because his testicles were clipped by a crab.

8. Spring break is not complete without seeing Kim Cantrell’s bush.

Glad It Was Clearly Marked!

9. Cheesy sidekick who thinks he’s Adam Sandler.

10. They lived happily STD free ever after.

If we have learned anything it is that the nerds get the hot girls, beat the preppies in something, & Booger even gets laid. Also the dean may possibly have a stick up his ass.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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