The Pretentious Coffee House Hop

In real life I live in the country.

“We Got Cows!”

There are no coffee houses in the area that are less than an hours drive. There use to be two but they both ended up closing. One due to piss poor location choice. The other due to no parking at all. The one with crap parking didn’t matter because they majorly sucked anyways. I’m not allowed to drink regular coffee so I just go because it’s some place to drink decaf, pretend it’s real, & maybe have some sort of bread product.

Since I cannot visit a real cafe, drink fake coffee, & pretend to be pretentious, I went into Second Life to take a few photos at a cafe. I could at least fake my way through a fake cup of coffee while faking being pretentious.

Confusing ain’t I?

BabyCakes Cafe (G)

A family friendly cafe where the decor screams pretty pink princess.

I am a pretty pink princess. 

This place is pink. Pink on the walls. Pink on the tables. It’s really pink.

Not knocking the pink as this feels like a place you would take a SL daughter for a milkshake while you drink your coffee.  All while sitting on a cupcake shaped stool.

Psychedelic Milk Shake Maaaan.

After you have finished with your prim beverage & are probably blinded by the color pink don’t forget to take your SL child to the sweet shop which is conveniently located right next door.

Good thing the sugar rushes are virtual.

The Readers Nook – Library & Coffee Cafe (M)

This actually feels like a cafe you would want to go to in real life. Small, cozy cottage in a fantasy setting. Coffee & books. Artwork & comfy places to sit.

Sooo Comfy!

This place really gives the vibe of a quiet intellectual coffee joint. The perfect place to get work done while watching yourself drink a cup.

Watch yourself drink a cup of coffee. We avatars are a strange bunch.

Trix Cafe (A)

This cafe is located in a Lesbian BDSM sim so ladies only please.

When I teleported in I landed directly…in the ocean. I had to climb up this tall mountain to get anywhere. By this time I’m all sorts of direction backwards & totally lost. Where is the cafe exactly?

When I did make it up to the top of this mountain, then flew down to where there was some sort of civilizaion, I was asked if I wanted to display my profile picture. No thanks. I don’t do that.

Did I see a cafe from my vantage point? Nope. I did see a club & a mall. Nothing that screamed cafe in my mind.

 What I did see was a club & mall.  I also saw a zip line.

Look! No Hands!

Zip lines don’t work while holding a cup of coffee but they are kinda fun.

Because of teleporting into the ocean, hiking up a mountain, & ending up in a club/mall setting I gave up in my quest to find anything that screamed cafe/coffee house. I did dig the zip line at least.

There are some really nice cafes & coffee houses in Second Life that give you the realistic feel of suddenly wanting to discuss “your art” while attempting to look chic.  Try using the words: “coffee house” & “cafe” in search to see what you can come up with.

“Tipsy” Cerulean 


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