Fantasy Faire 2012

The Fantasy Faire 2012 is currently happening in Second Life. I enjoy this faire do to the fact that I never have major issues with lag, it is so well-organized, it’s pretty, & virtual people watching is awesome. Especially when you’ll run into all sorts of characters. I enjoyed visiting last year & know that this year will be just as wonderful.

Hope I Don't Fall In!

I do want to tell everyone to please watch out for the tinies. I’ve been kicked & stepped on a lot. And I’m not talking about being stepped on in areas that are jam-packed full of people. I’m talking something around three people groups. Tinies aren’t as small as a mini or petite, which I’ve been stepped on as a mini as well, so just be mindful that the little dog next to you might actually be an avatar.

Please Don't Step On Me!

My public service announcement of the day there folks.

I know that you’ll find a lot of people writing about the fashion & items you will find at this years faire. I just wanted to be nice & pass on the information about the faire to you as well as share a few photos I took during my multiple visits. This faire is important to me as it benefits the American Cancer Society Relay For Life. Something that is a big deal to me as well as many people around the grid.

Can You Spot My Mini Dragon?

This year, to do my part, I purchased an outfit for my bulldog named “Stormy Day Tiny”. It comes with rain hat, boots, coat, umbrella, & a little rain cloud to go above your head.  You can purchase it at the faire at  Totally Tinies (Faire Location) It is located on a Relay For Life board.

Rain Likes To Follow Me Around!

I’m just trying to be nice today because helping out such organizations as the American Cancer Society is important.

The Fantasy Faire 2012 ends on April 29th so be sure to visit before then.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Important Links:

SL Fantasy Faire 2012 Official Website

American Cancer Society Website

SLurl To American Cancer Society In-World

SLurl To Fantasy Faire 2012 

Relay For Life Website


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