Family Fair To Benefit Autism Speaks

I do not have a Second Life family but support those that go that route in their virtual lives. I am glad that there are people out there who have found a family that is as supportive as any real life family could be. Sometimes even more.

The 2nd Annual Live.Laugh.Love Family Fair is currently running until May 5th. This is a fair based on family related SL (Example: children’s stores). Even if you do not have a Second Life family or are not a virtual child I still think it is important to visit because the proceeds benefit “Autism Speaks“. Make a donation to this charity because it is one that is extremely important to me for personal reasons. Every time I walk out of my house in real life I never leave without my autism awareness bracelet on. Every little bit helps & I feel that it is extremely important to educate others about Autism as well as support the efforts of this charity.

Haaallpppp!!! Can't reach the snow cones!

Since I am not a child nor have a family I gave at one of the donation kiosks around the small fair. Helping out is just that easy!


With all of the large fairs that are currently going on & getting a lot of press I thought it was important to mention this so that more people will be aware of it & donate to a good cause.


The fair runs until May 9th. Here are a few important links for you:

Live.Love.Laugh Family Fair SLurl

Autism Speaks Website


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