Plan Your Virtual Weekend

The weekend is almost upon us! (Puts on a prim party hat. Blows up balloons.) I wanted to give everyone a head start this weekend with a list of things going on around the virtual grid. Start planning your Second Life  fun!

Exciting isn’t it?

1. The Fantasy Faire is still going on until April 29th so you still have a few days left to visit. Worth a visit to check out everything that is offered this year as well as give for the American Cancer Society Relay For Life.

Barking Might Get Me Stepped On!

2. Prim Charades happens every Friday at 5pm SLT  at the Raglan Shire. The basic idea of the game is to build something while everyone tries to guess what you are building. The avie who guesses correctly gets to build next. Fun to just watch if you’re not the greatest of builders. This is a tiny event but everyone, big & small, is welcome to come check it out.

Side Note: This months current theme around the Raglan Shire is the old west. There is a Native American village as well as a tiny western town. If you have a tiny avatar (or not) I suggest checking it out as well as checking out their events calendar. Loads of fun! If you don’t have a tiny avatar then get a free one at the Welcome Center to try your hand at being small. Who knows…you might dig it.

I've Been Tar'd & feather'd Y'all.

3. Live.Love.Laugh Family Fair will be going on until May 5th. Proceeds from sales marked for donation as well as donation kiosks are set up to benefit Autism Speaks.

4. Fridays at 7pm SLT you can sit & watch the Beautiful Freaks Burlesque Circus. I REALLY dig burlesque so to see it in a virtual world is pretty neato to me. If I am around that late on a Friday night I like to go & watch the show.

5. The Falmouth Hotel is one of the SCARIEST places I have visited on Second Life. It’s not one of the usual “Let’s throw some blood & body parts all over the place then add an iconic horror villain.” kind of place. This one has atmosphere & it’s virtually unnerving. When visiting be sure to check out EVERYTHING. All of the rooms. All of the doors. It’s all worth it. Don’t forget to make a stop at the hotels bar. Trust me. Be sure to take a friend with you as it’s more fun to have someone to share the scare.

Scary Check In Guy Is Scary!

I plan on writing a big review on it next week to show just how awesome this place is & why you should make it freaky stop in your SL travels. I would insert a “Hotel California” joke in here right about now but I REALLY can’t stand the Eagles. Sorry. LOOOOOONNNGGG story!

 Hope this helps you out a bit with your Second Life weekend plans. Go forth, explore, & have a bit of fun!

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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