Is There Room Service Here?

The Falmouth Hotel reminds me of the various haunted hotels that pop up in movies & on television. Steven King wrote a book set in a hotel that was made into a movieDoctor Who found himself in a hotel that was actually a prison.  Lucio Fulci made a horror movie called “The Beyond” (also known as “The Seven Doors Of Death”) that was set in an old hotel that was NOT a place you wanted to walk into.

Like I said before, I am not going to discuss the song “Hotel California”. I really hate that song. Stupid Eagles.

Finding really well designed scary Second Life places has been a passion of mine for years. Which is kinda funny since I HATE scary places in real life. You won’t get me into a real life haunted house even if you bribed me with beer. I can buy my own beer thank you very much.

The Falmouth Hotel is not only scary in the movie haunted hotel sense but it was the perfect place to test out the free photo editing sites I mentioned last week. I wanted to take photos that screamed “I am a scary hotel based movie. Watch me damn it!”. I am not the greatest at this since I barely do anything to photos except crop them  it was still fun to go, look at the brilliantly scary hotel, & take funky photos.

I REALLY Should Start Listening To What Doors Tell Me.

When visiting the hotel be sure to check out every single room (Not all doors open. Just click to see if it does.) Each room is slightly unique so you will have no problem either virtually freaking yourself out or finding a place to take spooky SL photos. I don’t want to ruin too much of it for everyone because not knowing is important. I do, however, want to tell you to make sure you try both elevators. If you don’t then you’ll miss out on some stuff.

Someone Forgot To Feed The Bed This Morning.

Since this hotel is so well designed, from the items in it as well as the layout, it is no surprise that it is actually owned by a Linden. Yes….it actually is! There are a lot of extremely talented Lindens out there that are both friendly AND extremely creative. It is owned by Michael Linden who happens to be a tiny little mole in world. “Head Mole” to be exact. He also owns “Mole Mart” in-world as well. (There are a lot of freebies at the Mole Mart for those that are freebie chasers or new to Second Life.)

Drinking Buddies.

I highly recommend spending a few minutes in the hotel bar for a drink or two. The company is most excellent. Also, for those who enjoy free stuff, I did end up with two free items (That are not crap mind you.) while wandering around.

Good Luck With Your Stay At The Falmouth Hotel.

“Tipsy” Cerulean 


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