Apocalypse Now?

We are once again back to the talk of the end of the virtual worlds as we know it.

The SLpocolypse!

Cue the doom music. 

This happens every so many months. We get a series of bad things that happen (drama, shit breaking or not working at all) & a stream of articles stating “The end is upon us!” crop up.

As of lately things have been pretty crappy. Sudden down times, maintenance that sometimes feels that more was broken then fixed, issues with sims not showing up in search.

Hell…it took me over two days to stop looking like a poof. No matter what I did I was a poof.

Grrrrrr Says The Poof Monster!

Hense the lack of articles this week. Being a poof makes it kinda hard to walk around when you can’t attach things on & could quite possibly be naked to everyone around you.

Ooops…forgot my pants. Couldn’t see them. My Bad!

So I thought I would just give a shout out to the “Second Life is closing” blog posts. the articles written slamming SL just to promote other open worlds, the avatar running around in circles screaming “Ahhh”……

Chill out baby! We good.

Just remember that nothing lasts forever. But we’ll have a fun ride till the end. And if drama (about or because of Second Life) or panic sets in on some people then it doesn’t really help anything now does it? Go outside & see something they call the sun. Take a deep breath.

Second Life is always breaking down. In all honesty we probably should go back to the weekly scheduled maintenance we use to have years ago. If you bitch about it being broke then bitch about it being down to be fixed when scheduled then what the hell do you want?

So everyone just calm down. Grab a beer & relax. It will be OK. We’re still here aren’t we?

I’m no longer a poof so things will be back to normal & I can go forth & do stuff now.

Yeah…umm…Normal..as if….MUAH HA HA HA! 

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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