My Beautiful Balloon…

…Umm… thingy.

Personal floating world.

Yeah. That works!

A couple of months back I gave up my little island & got a bunch of land in the sky.

Wuuuu? Why would you do that?

Well..I got kinda tired looking at virtual water & sand. In the winter time it was sunny & beautiful. In the fall it was sunny & beautiful. The price of the land was amazing but I really wanted to be able to change the way things looked whenever I wanted. Second Life homes make me antsy. I have a really hard time staying in one spot for a long period of time & am queen of moving from place to place.

The Inebriated Wanderer.

….Way Up High With My Virtual Baaalloooooonnnss….

The home  from Swings Paradise Furnitures is the Balloon Goblin Hut Skybox (The mini hut version). Not only does it come with the home & platform (also coming with a non-home platform version) it also includes the balloons holding up the skybox itself, the grass, flowers, & apple trees you see in the picture above.  The house itself is one large room with an airy curtain instead of a door. Perfect for Spring & Summer when you don’t want to be cooped up behind closed doors.

For those of you who have, even in the sky, trespassing issues they are not a big deal if you just have something called “Security” in your house. I set mine for only around 10m so if they loiter near the house or in the house it boots them. Setting it super high bothers people who are just flying by which I can’t stand. I’ve had issues throughout the years with rude, naked tresspassers. Yeah….

I would like to mention that Swings Paradise also sells, I bet you already guessed this one, furniture as well as platforms. They also have a brand new mesh petites area for furniture & accessories. There is a tiny sky island with a waterfall (Floating Rock)  for petites that looks amazing. Well worth a check if you are into the whole mesh petite scene.

Side Note: They also have rentals that I have written about in the past HERE if you need a virtual place to crash. I would offer my couch but I’m afraid you degenerates would drink all of my booze. Unless you have L$ & can script then maybe we can talk.

Don’t you touch Tipsy’s booze damn it!

You Got’s The Scripts I Got’s The Couch…

The comfy couch, that I know you want to sleep on, as well as the rest of the accessories & furniture (Except for the tiny chair) all come from Lisp Bazaar. If you haven’t discovered LISP yet then you really need to. Especially LISP’s 10L garden. LISP has been currently become one of my go to stores for when I get the urge to swap stuff around. I especially hate sharing something I call the “Second Life Secret” but the 10L store is prefect for a quick “What the hell can I put in this room?” fix. If you are an antsy swapping mo-fo like me it won’t drive you to the prim poor house.

Side Note: “Second Life Secret” is what a few of us use to call not sharing where we found the best clothes, shoes, hair, avatars, skins, etc. We didn’t want everyone to figure out where we had gotten all of our awesome stuff so we never shared where it came from. Nothing worse than walking into a place wearing the same avatar & outfit as everyone else. With all of the various shopping related blogs out there now it doesn’t apply anymore.

The tiny chair comes from a place called “Sundries”. This is actually a chair I have had for years that came with a matching couch. After looking through search, using the old landmarks I had in the folder, as well as checking the creators profile I could not find the store in-world. If anyone knows where they have wandered off to let me know.

Halloooooo House Birdies!

The table & most of the accessories also came to us from Lisp Bazaar. If you look on top of the table you will call a little blue bird called a “Blue Tit”.  The bird comes with various bird call types (daytime only, random, only when you click it) as well as being modify so you can make it larger or smaller depending on where you got it.  You can pick this bird as well as other types of birds & items at SHD.

I know that you all just REALLY want to know where the alcohol on the table came from.

Alcoholics. The whole lot of ya.

The blue-bottle of vodka for normal sized avatars cames from BN Beverage & More.  The tiny cocktail shaker & tray for tinies is from Betty’s Beverages & Cafe. Not fair to have biggie alcohol without having something for the tiny.

I am an equal opportunity lush.

I am loving the look & feel of how everything is currently set up. We shall see how long I keep it this way before my antsy brain forces me to change things around.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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