Get Your Snail On!

I remember two years ago when I had to introduce someone to the world of Second Life television. They, along with many others I have run into, did not know that there was actually Second Life programing.

I actually watch a lot of virtual television shows. This might put me squarely in the “nerd” category but meh. Don’t really care. 

One of my favorite shows that has been on for YEARS is the “Giant Snail Races” (SLurl To Racetrack HERE). If you don’t know what snail racing is then I highly suggest you watch a few of the past shows to find out how awesome it really is. Basically it’s a giant snail avatars that race around a obstacle course. Second Life isn’t Second Life with its share of weird fun. Each week has a different race theme so it always feels fresh.

May 19th Theme – Circus

A long while back I use to go every week to watch the snail races live. There were so many snails racing & people to cheer them on. I even have my snail racing license which I obtained by going to “snail school”. Alas I have never gotten to race as the day & times changed. I even stopped going to watch the races because I was never home to see them.

Sad snail loving Tipsy is sad. 

I recently have had the time to start watching the snail races again. What I’ve noticed is a lack of people in the audience as well as a lack of racing participants. This makes me sad because not only has snail racing been around for so many years but it is one of the most fun live events you can see weekly in Second Life.

This has me thinking about trying to make the time to dust off my racing snail & actually participate in a race for the first time. Hell…I have my racing license so why not. With the way Second Life has been with its downtime, doom & gloom apocalypse talk, & general funk it’s time to go back to the basic fun of our little virtual world.

I also need to drink a few beers & race. I’ve always been too nervous to actually do it.

Maybe I’ll see you there.

Liquid Courage baby. Liquid courage.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Giant Snail Races are Saturdays at 11am SLT.

Click HERE to watch past snail races

Ahh! Giant Snails!

I would also like to mention that the Giant Snails do races on occasion for Relay For Life. When I went to practice my racing I noticed that only three people were signed up to race on May 26th. Sad. If I am home I plan on donating to race. It’s for a great cause!


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