Virtual Shopping Makes You Dumb

I bet I probably pissed a few people off just with the title of this post.

I do what I can.

Before you stop reading this isn’t some sort of mean slam towards those that enjoy SL fashions, write about fashions, read about fashion, or bleed fashion. I enjoy reading many SL fashion blogs done by people who I actually don’t want to throw prims at. This is about..well…just keep reading..

How would one bleed fashion? Would a sweater kinda plop out of the wound?

I ooze designer socks! subject. 

Now that I have your attention I will amend the title to tell you what I really mean. Virtual shopping doesn’t make you dumb. It just makes you forgetful & stray away from the purpose that Second Life had in the first place.

Virtual Shopping Makes You Forgetful.


Before some sort of strange lynch mob of avatars armed with prim axes start screaming “Off with her head” I shall explain. Second Life has drifted away from a lot of its creative content & exploring to people spending money on virtual clothing. We all do it. We all go out to the various shops to buy the latest in prim fashions. If you’ve spent a lot of time wandering from store to store then you are guilty. If you have put money into L$ just to purchase an outfit then you are guilty.

I feel that people have taken the whole idea of being “virtually fashionable” a bit too far & have forgotten that having fun in Second Life is not all shopping. People have completely forgotten this & have evolved into shopping zombies.

Muuusssttt have new shoooesss & braiiiinnnnnssss…

There is more to Second Life then just buying crap.

To prove that there is more to Second Life then just shopping here are three places to visit. They might actually teach you that you actually don’t have to spend L$ to have a bit of fun.

Oh. And I’m just telling you where & what they are with a wee little picture. I’m not going to spell it out for you. If you’re going to get off your ass & out of the stores you’re going to have to learn how to teleport away from them to discover it yourselves.

1. Big Splash Water Park & Surf Central (M)

Eeeek! Giant Prim Wave!!! Ahhh!!

2. Buddhist Center (G)

Beautiful & Peaceful Place.

3. International Spaceflight Museum (G)

So Who Wants To Drive?

I hope this gives everyone a little kick in their virtual pants to actually go out & find shit to do that doesn’t involve spending L$ to match your virtual pet with your prim shoes & handbag.

I also hope that it gets people to get away from opening a new shopping mall & actually opening something that is unique to everyone else.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


4 responses

  1. I do agree that it is great to get out & explore SL for the many many sights and creative places (some that are even educational-gasp!) that SL has to offer. I also know that LL seems to do very little to help these places last for a long time. (One of many glaring examples is the SL Globe Theatre/SL Shakespeare Company debacle.)

    I can’t say that I take any issues at all with those who choose to spend pretty much all of their SL time shopping (ie; actually SPENDING $/L$), because, for some, it is a “release” of sorts, and especially as of late, the SL “economy” is in the dump. With a large percentage of SL residents constantly clamoring for FREE stuff and ONLY FREE STUFF, SL seriously NEEDS the support of people who are actually contributing to the SL economy, by buying/paying for things.

    Just this month alone, at least 1 store that I know of has already closed completely, another one is in the process of closing, and another huge/OLD one is rumoured to be closing soon. There is also an incredibly talented creator/shop/sim owner who just announced last week, that she is in the process of downgrading the island (!) that she owns, because the ridiculous high land fees that LL imposes, along with sharp declines in sales, she has just found it impossible to hang on to all of the land/beautifulness anymore. (It is a sim/island that is well known enough to have been in the Destination’s Guide.)

    A lot of people are out of work in RL right now. Some of them are lucky enough to have internet access and use SL as a sort of “escape” from their RL problems. It is far cheaper to spend some saved up L$’s on great items in SL, than it is to spend RL $ on the same RL types of items.

    There are some bloggers out there, who buy items to support creators and who take the “job” of blogging really seriously. In addition to the fashion culture, they contribute to the SL shopping culture, because they are able to influence readers with great photographs and information about items/shops that many people might not know of otherwise. Now don’t get me wrong, I know that there is a small percentage of bloggers out there who blog with the intent of getting as much free stuff as they possibly can from creators/merchants. While I myself highly disagree with this is a good motive for blogging- IF these bloggers actually end up making fantastic blogs with amazing posts that nicely showcase the free item/s that they are given….there is a very good chance that those blogs will influence someone (maybe even more than one person) to actually go forth and shop to buy/pay for the item/s. Which is a very good thing for the creators and SL in general.

    Sorry for the long post here, but as a business entrepreneur myself and an old SL resident in general, I have a lot of opinions on these subjects in particular.

    1. It’s OK. I welcome everyone’s opinion. I agree with you. I don’t mind people who spend most of their time SL shopping. If we didn’t have a good SL economy then there would no longer be an SL. (I am currently wondering how many times I can put SL into a sentence now lol). I just like going for the “Oh no she didn’t” factor. I can think of two examples of things that closed down off the top of my head, one shopping & the other an art museum because no one was able to find out about them. I also agree with the fact that LL does little to help places last a while.

      As well as helping there own residents throw a birthday party for SL itself. subject but that really ticks me off.

      I also like your blog btw. LOL!

      It’s ultimately up to the residents to pass on the good places to shop as well as the places to visit to keep everything going because no one else will.

  2. I TOTALLY agree w/your SL9B comment. If THEY themselves (LL) can’t be bothered celebrating not only their own damn product/company.. let alone celebrating THE RESIDENTS who make SL what it is….pfft, yeah….not much to celebrate, if you ask me.

    Thanks a lot for the complement on my blog too. I wasn’t ranting about mine in particular, just a general blogger rant.

    I’ve been talking to my SL/RL partner a lot about the current state of SL, and it really does (RL) scare me to see the way things have been declining so rapidly lately.

    (Btw, the store that I said was “rumoured” to be closing has signs in their store stating that they are, in fact, closing. I know it’s really shakin’ a lot of people (including me) up to see that message in that store.)

    Thanks for making such an insightful, thought provoking blog and allowing us to give our opinions on things. It’s refreshing!

    1. Thank you!

      I was going to build something for this years celebration but I don’t think they would appreciate a volcano of cocktails. LOL!

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