Schools Out!

I feel that I should do a whole Alice Cooper  theatrical celebration.

Bitching Guitar Solo!


To celebrate Summer I thought I would look up the word “Beach” in Second Life & find one that didn’t suck. This proved to be hard as there seems to be a lot of places where beach & sucking ass go hand in hand…or ass…whatever.

I teleported my way around countless “beaches” that were nothing but stores selling crap near a body of water. One in particular dropped me off at a store that gave me, not one, but seven notecards & landmarks from their instant greeter.

What…the fuck. Ridiculous!

All I want to do is start Summer vacation with something that involved waves, bathing suits, booze, & sand.

I finally came across a beached by the name of  Redspot Beach Club (M). What drew me into this particular beach was the fact that, in search, it said “No Malls!”. Hell I can dig that! Let’s see if they actually give what they promise.

Posing All Nice Because Secretly I Can’t Swim.

Sorry to have to say this but, you all should know this by now, places in search like to lie.

They in fact do not have a mall on the beach. Instead they offered me dancing while listening to the soothing sounds of the waves. A bar that involves alcoholic drinks where I can sit & listen to the soothing sounds of the waves.

I’m just enjoying typing “soothing sounds of waves” a lot for some reason. I think it’s because I’m laying in a hammock & all I can hear is these damn waves in the background as I type.

Someone Needs To Bring Me A Cocktail!

The Redspot Beach Club offers more than just listening to prim waves & dancing. If you just happen to show up with your snuggle bunny then there are  many romantic cabana’s for privacy.

Not into the whole snuggle bunny love muffin thing? Then float along in the pool that just happens to be right NEXT TO THE OCEAN!!!

Sorry. Just feels weird to me.

I guess if you are freaked out by prim waves you can feel safer in a prim pool. If you are the brave prim wave type  you can float around in an inner tube or windsurf in the ocean itself.

Summers are a super busy time for me. Travel, hiking, running all over the place, going to the real beach. Constantly moving around. Sometimes it’s nice to just be able to take a few minutes to yourself & listen to the waves, even virtually, to get your head in a good place.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Bathing Suit – Artilleri Sabrina (Blue) 150L


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