Searching By Dark

I was feeling in some sort of weird mood today. One of those ball stepping, kick some ass, maybe throw in a bucket of blood type of mood.

Weird Mood Tipsy Is Weird.

Strangely enough I’m not in a bad mood. I’m actually in a great mood. Awesome happy “LALALA! I’ve got gin & tonics!” mood. I think I just feel like mopping the floor with someones prim ass.

Today we are going to use the keyword “Dark” to find various places on Second Life to explore. When entering the word “Dark” in the places search I was able to find a G, M, & A place to mention. I also found some really great words thrown in with the word “Dark” to describe some other various random places.

Words Like: Lust, Haunted, Romance, Forced Sex, Kinky, Victorian, Goddess, & Love.

Romance? Forced Sex? Baby I’m feeling slightly romantic tonight. Let’s put on our Victorian outfits. I’ll call you Goddess while I force sex upon you in a haunted house. I know it sounds kinky but I love you baby.

OK. Maybe they are not all in one spot but you have to admit that would be one hell of a funky place to visit. I’ve selected a place for each maturity rating for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

Bewitched – Haunted Dark Forest (G)

There really isn’t any rules or reason posted as to exactly what you are doing wandering around a haunted forest. Doesn’t really matter as the place is gorgeous! The first time I visited to take notes I came as my tiny bulldog. I was followed around by a new resident as I took a forest hike. I am not exactly sure why they were following me. I might have seen a weird “Ooooo puppy! Will she be my pet?” gleam in her prim eyes but I think that might have been just me.

The second time around I was all alone so it was easier to explore without someone trying to take you to the pound. There is nothing grotesque about this forest. It’s more of a magical feel with freakish eyes staring at you from the darkness. If you are into role-playing you could take a few friends into the forest for a bit of “Oh no! We are lost in a haunted forest” roleplaying. Maybe you’re not a huge Hansel & Gretel fan. If not you can always walk around alone to collect your thoughts, take beautiful pictures among the trees, or bring a date in an impressive “I will protect you sweetie!” move.

Please Don’t Eat Me Mr. Tree!

See! I’m looking out for all you playa’s out there!

I actually recommend giving this haunted forest a peek. No shopping, not gory, spooky in a fun way.

A Dark Fairies Dream (m)

The first two things I noted when I teleported in were the rules & the two shops. I am not a big fan of being assaulted by shopping on Second Life. Two shops I can deal with. Not being forced to trek through a mall to get to my destination is also something I can live with. As I used my camera controls to get a feel for the area I did notice one small mall-ish shopping area in the distance. Easy to avoid if you’re not looking to spend money on crap.

As for the rules they were simple by SL standards. No nudity or age play. Role playing is optional but you need to wear fantasy or medieval clothing if you do plan on roleplaying. No griefing/spamming/gestures/advertising. Be sure to follow the TOS. All of the usual rules you end up running into while exploring. If you are planning on role-playing but don’t have the outfit to do it then there are free outfits at the teleport.

Question: How many of you actually know what the TOS is? What it actually says?

Wee & Stuff!

If you have this urge to get your role play on then there are different groups you can join to get a tag depending on what type of character you are.

Faerie, Dark Fae, Mage, Wood Nymph, Vamps & Werewolves.

Where would a tiny bulldog in fairy wings fit in? Hmmm…..

I did notice that, if I was to walk into the elven forest, there is another set of rules on a bridge that I need to walk through before actually entering the forest. This isn’t the only time this happens. There are rules all over the place. This time they have added that they ask you not to fly but walk & explore.

Question: If you’re a fairy then wouldn’t you, technically, fly around?

I can understand the need for people to follow the rules but WOW. Holy overkill. How many times do I need to read them? I am actually assuming that they have probably had issues with people not following them in the past.

Hey. Your land. Your rules.

Dark Wishes – RLV Enabled BDSM Playground (A)

Guess we needed to make sure we fit everything into the name so there would be no confusion.

This doesn’t feel dark as much as it feels like land that had quite a few ideas then decided to use EVERY SINGLE idea.  We have a BDSM castle, a pony girl/boy stall, a pool next to the ocean.

A..umm..wait…a hut over the ocean that says “Aloha” on a sign above the entrance?

The land itself is pretty. The furniture in the castle looked like freebie furniture from 07. The people I ran into were wearing the worst looking leather sex outfits I have seen in quite some time.

Honey..white streaks that are supposed to be reflection on your outfit is not sexy. It looks like someone used a broken crayon to design it.

What am I suppose to say about a place that confuses me with its cages all over the place yet I can sit in the Aloha hut like I wasn’t surrounded by pony girls wandering by with a cart hooked to them.

Which reminds me..anyone wanna pull me around in a cart?

Two Pony Enter. One Pony Leave.

I don’t use RLV at all at any time so I can’t really comment on how the RLV traps work.

I’m just going to be honest. For a sex area that involves some pretty kinky stuff for the racks & cages crowd it sucks. It doesn’t feel dirty. With all of the different themes smashed into one area it feels weird. I guess it works if you want to get a quick prim tan on the beach while your sweetie is tied to a rack in the castle.

Have fun coming up with your own single keyword while searching through Second Life. You never know what you might encounter.

“Tipsy Cerulean”

(First photo was edited using Pixlr to show the funky mood I was in. The rest were just cropped & taken using various windlight settings..)


2 responses

  1. Awesome! lol some of those sims are pretty funny to visit!

    1. I love doing the Search By: articles. I’ve found some of the weirdest stuff!

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