Friday Funday!

It’s suppose to super storm of EPIC DOOM or something like that during the day today in real life. I really hate storms.

Just sayin’!

Real life storms will not stop me from getting my virtual & real life fun on this weekend. 

If the power goes out then I guess it would put a damper on my virtual antics. That’s beside the point.

Storms aside I am really looking forward to actually having a bit of fun  Every Friday at 5PM SLT you will find me watching Prim Charades At The Raglan Shire (G). Watching people build & guess, fun with in a crowd of people, & the creativity really make my night.

Ready To Party! Woo!

I am really hoping to get a chance to race in another Giant Snail Race on Saturday at 11am SLT but it’s 2pm my time. Very hard for me to actually be home on an afternoon on a Saturday. Real life always comes first.  Sad because I really enjoy watching & would LOVE to actively participate. Sad because this weeks theme is “Robots”. Nerdly enough…I think that rocks.

Weekend!  Wooo!!!  Let’s get this party started!

Not sure how you plan on spending your virtual Friday evening? Here are a few places full of creative fun to start your weekend out right.

1. University Of Delaware Art Gallery (G) – Currently there is an exhibit called “Andy Warhol: Behind The Camera” as well as other art exhibits in the gallery. It was extremely fascinating to check out photography taken by Andy Warhol. I am not sure when they change the exhibits so be sure to check it out before they change.

Please remember that this is an educational institute so be on your best behavior while a guest on their campus.

2. Mysterious Wave (G)  – Think sim art meets atmosphere meets a kick ass place to take some awesome pictures. It’s simple. It’s artistically dark. If you are into taking artistic SL photos or just wandering around pondering the meaning of everything then I recommend giving them a look.

Beautiful Yet “I Will Stomp You” Evil. Love It!

3. Brunel Hall Hotel Bar & Restaurant (M) I am going to assume that you are currently saying to yourself “Where’s the booze Tipsy?” Do you honestly think I would leave out some sort of brew ha ha when it comes to virtual things to do on a Friday? Of Course Not!

This particular bar & restaurant is located in New Babbage so it is a Victorian steampunk themed sim. To fully immerse yourself into, what I call, restaurant roleplay then dress the part. It’s not only polite to the sim you are on but it makes your experience more enjoyable.

Steampunk is awesome! Just sayin’.

A few quick points I like about this place. I am glad that they have tiny dances in the bar area. It works great for me when I don’t feel like putting on my regular biggie avatar. I constantly have to switch back & forth so it’s a nice break.

It’s the little things people.

I enjoy a self service restaurant that is constructed nicely. I actually dig going to SL full service restaurants but sometimes I want to do my own thing without the food service role play. I would also like to give a shout out to the giant fish tank. I don’t know why. I just dig the fish tank.

4. DecoRetropia Retro Drive In Theater (M) I know that DecoRetropia is known for a lot of various different SL activities by many. I really enjoy old vintage movies. Black & white classic stories that are way before my time. Having the opportunity to see them in a well done drive-in setting, minus the real life noise, bugs, & costs of concessions totally rocks in my book. This is another great Friday night date idea.

For some reason I seem to be all about the “Oh baby! Let me take you out!” thang today. 

It’s a creative & cozy activity that doesn’t involve screaming “WOOOOOO” & dancing in a club. Climb into one of the cars with your date & let the luv come baby.

Awww Yeah! Drive-In Baby!

I hope that this gives you a few ideas on how to spend an enjoyable weekend on Second Life!

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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  1. So many great ideas here Tipsy! Thanks. Always astonished by what’s available out there on the grid.

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