Club Submission

It is rare that I write a nice Second Life club review. Most clubs on SL just flat-out piss me off. It’s not that I am against clubbing in a virtual world. It is a great way to meet new people in a fun setting. Most just piss me of due to an overabundance of shopping, weak staff without any outward people skills, crap decor, & overall boring the shit out of me.

When I meet people & become friends with someone on Second Life I try to avoid writing about their place if I really don’t like it. If they ask me to write an opinion piece on their place that is completely honest then I will. If you don’t like it then tough shit.

You asked. I delivered.

I recently met someone on Second Life who I don’t mind speaking to. When I found out that they were involved in a Second Life club I cringed for a moment. My brain was saying “Fuck. What if I go to their club & its utter crap?”.

Not only did they not ask me to write an opinion piece on their club I was also pleasantly surprised that the place actually didn’t suck. On the contrary it’s pretty nice. Amazing words coming out of my mouth.

Sometimes I can tone the bitch down if I like something. 

They never asked me to say a word about their place but I have decided to just write a review anyways. The club is called Club Submission (A) & I am giving it a “This place doesn’t suck” approval stamp. Let’s get the obvious out-of-the-way first. Yes it is an adult club complete with strippers. It has a name that screams “I will stick you in a cage” bdsm feel. Yet…I have not had any harassment by a stripper trying to peddle their ass for cash. Nor have I run into anyone asking me if I enjoy long walks on the beach while wearing a ball gag.

Don’t give me a “Tipsy…I have no clue what you are talking about!” when it comes to strippers on Second Life. If you’ve been to as many adult clubs as I have you run into those that like to constantly remind you to give them money. You get the clubs that have a policy of asking their employees to not only privately IM you but try to seduce you at the same time. I’ve also had many that have wanted to be my friend thinking I was a sugar momma.

I see through your shit so don’t bother.

Club Submission does none of this.

I have been there numerous times & the staff has been nothing but lovely.  Not only have they been lovely but they interact with the people who are their guests. Conversations flow back & forth between the staff & the patrons. It’s refreshing to not only find yourself in a place where you can see naked boobies but also have an intelligent conversation while seeing nipples.

When it comes to being surrounded by shopping you get none of this. Not a single shopping mall. I do not know if they plan on adding any in the future as they do have the room. I am hoping they do not. If shopping is on the plans then I also hope they keep it subtle & outside of the club.

No Shopping. Huzzah!

The inside of the club is simple. You have your dance floor. You have your stage. You have a few odds & ends here & there. That’s it. Simple. I don’t mind the fact that it isn’t cluttered with crap. It actually reminds me of a few clubs from years ago. They were simple with no shopping surrounding you. The whole point was to get a drink at the bar if they had one, watch the strippers dance, or dance yourself. That was it. I enjoy this simplicity because there are only a few reasons one goes to a club on Second Life to begin with. Meet others. Listen to music & dance. Watch strippers.


Look Y’all! I’m Dancin’!

I feel that they may have plans for adding & expanding in the future. I do hope they keep on the track of simple fun, friendship, boobies (booooobbbbiiiiieeess), & entertainment. I recommend giving Club Submission a look the next time you are in world. Be sure to tip the staff, not because you feel you must, but as a thank you for creating a place that is fun without the tacky.

“Tipsy” Cerulean 


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  1. *writes this one down for dancing!*

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