Second Life fairs & lag.

Do we really need to say any more?

I’ve written about this so much in the past 5 years then it’s starting to feel like the words hit some sort of “Lalala! I don’t care. I’m an idiot. Lalala!” brick wall then fall short.

I wanted to do a quick run down of ARC today to prepare for future mentions of its use. Instead of constantly having to rewrite the information over & over I felt it was easier to be able to link to it. That way those that don’t know what it is can read up. Those that do can just skip to the general mayhem & evil we like to offer.

I’m a giver.

ARC stands for “Avatar Rendering Cost”. It helps you to understand viewer side lag. Simply it shows how costly an avatar is for your graphics card.   Basically it helps to keep your ARC on the low side when you’re at a virtual festival.  Trust me. It’s common sense people.

To see the avatar rendering cost you need to have your advanced menu open. Advanced > Performance Tools > Show Avatar Rendering Cost.

Green Good. Yellow Ok. Red Bad.

Prims/huds/attachments/etc. make your cost go up. Shoes, ao’s, hair, prim skirts, etc. An avatar with no attachments is 100 rendering cost. Basically if you duck walk, wear a shirt & pants with no prims or attachments, not wear shoes, & leave your hair at home you’ll be at 100. Tada! If you’re at a festival realize that no one really gives a shit what you look like. They are all there for one thing. To shop or do whatever the fest has to offer.

Keep the “Avatar Rendering Cost” on when walking around the fest. It’s interesting to see how high or low Peoples costs are.

Quick Tip: Muting someone gives them a rendering cost of 1. So if the loud ass bitch next to you with the super hair, prims, bling, & general annoyance is super costed out then mute her. You won’t be able to hear her but why would you want to?

This is not a huge explanation of what ARC is. It’s super basic so you at least know what “Avatar Rendering Cost” is. If you are looking for more information then check the Second Life Wiki.  You can also find out how to open up your advanced menu there as well. (I’ve written about how to open it up so many times over the years my fingers refuse to type it anymore.) You’ll find as much information as you need there.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Side Note: There is a lot of debate over ARC. Does it actually mean anything or not? Does it make a difference?Personally it makes sense. The less crap that is rezzing for me while I am surrounded by a gang of avatars the better. A few months back I wrote about a festival & mentioned ARC then. I walked around with no hair, shoes, ao, or prims on. Just a pair of shorts & a tank top. I successfully was able to walk the entire fair with little lag issue. I had a few issues when walking around people with high ARC. I just mumble “lag whore” under my breath & move on.

This is my personal opinion on the subject of ARC. It just seems like virtual common sense.  The less script the better. The less prim crap hanging off of you the better.

One more time. No one gives a crap what you look like if your being that nice.

They are now also calling ARC “Draw Weight” & have a new thing for Mesh/Rendering Weight. It’s basically all the same stuff with fancy names to go with the new crap.


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