Render Cost Disco Biscuit

Today I would like to crown a big SLupid winner thus far for the month of June in the “Queen Of The High ARC.”

If you don’t know what ARC means it stands for “Avatar Rendering Cost.” I wrote a quick blip explaining it & how it’s, personally, a good idea to keep a low rendering cost when hitting up the SL festival scene. You can read about it HERE.

I know we have this whole ARC is now “Draw Weight” & the addition of Mesh/Rendering Weight. It’s the same damn shit so don’t get all “Wait a minute!” on me. Same shit different names. Deal with it. Also I like saying “ARC”. ARRRCCCCC….

Let’s just get to the mean jibber jabber of the day.

I would like, if I may (You May!), to introduce you to the current list of….

Insert Drum Roll Here…

High ARC Fest King & Queens!

There are some big shopping related festivals currently going on in Second Life. I will not name the festivals because this has nothing to do with their items, staff, etc. This is strictly a crowning of our ubber idiot winners.

Not like most of you can’t guess anyways.

And of course, this ARC crowning is always for “educational purposes”.

I have only taken a photo of our winner this time around as it took me about 10 minutes for them to fully rez. Our honorable mentions for fifth – second place are:

197504, 213984, 226758, 309731.

Let’s give them all around of applause for their wonderful attempts at lagging the crap out of a Second Life festival. Your headsets, aos, giant hair, boatload of jewelery, & determination to be total pricks give you a most deserved mention. Alas your need to look fashionable when no one else cares what you look like at a festival have been overshadowed by our current June 2012 Rendering Cost Winner.

May I present to you Ms. Current June 2012 Festival Queen Of Rendering Cost (as well as a SLupidity Of The Day for the sheer lack of common sense)


Congratulations On Your SLupid Win!

You would think that a disco queen wearing hot pants would drastically lower her rendering cost. The hot pants were just a small part of the larger hot mess picture. As I showed this photo to another individual they made the comment

“She looks like a whale stuffed into tiny shorts then squished by a bulldozer.”

A tiny part of me swelled up with joyful tears over this comment. It was so mean it was beautiful.

Let’s go from top to bottom. Not literally as I feel touching this individual might leave neon stains on your delicate avie skin. I could put her hair into my mouth, chew it, then blow technicolor disco bubbles. The jewelery look like they were out of a 50 cent candy machine. It seems like she had enough prim quarters to spare as her all of her jewelery is candy necklace fantastic.

Side Note: If your lips are that blue then you might need something we folk ’round these here parts like to call “Oxygen”.  (Bonus Comment: “I pity the poor unfortunate Smurf you used to smear on your lips.”)

Your hot pants, top, fur from many small fluffy hamsters screams rave hooker. Your nails scream “Someone get me some clippers STAT!”. The boots/sandals give off the “Yo. Ma man went & slayed me a perdy dragon. Then I wents & dyed it hot pink to match my..well…hehe…you know baby.”

I’m not sure if she’s a 70s disco hooker, a fierce back up dancer, or color blind.

Thank you to our current Ms. June 2012 Virtual Fest ARC Queen AND current SLupidity. Without you we would have nothing to crown tacky & idiotic at the same time.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Definition Of SLupidity: Word created by “Tipsy” Cerulean

Something insanely stupid that can be found on Second Life. Something that makes your head sometimes hit your desk in awe.

SLupid, SLupidly.

“Your idea of dressing for a Second Life Festival is the SLupidest whore decision I have ever seen.”


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